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Step-by-Step Recipes for Home Cooking

Herring under a fur coat in pita bread

  • Pita
  • Herring fillets
  • Vegetables (beets, carrots, potatoes)
  • onion
  • mayonnaise

How to prepare a dish:

Vegetables boil and grate on a large grater. Cut the pita bread into pieces. Lay the herring fillets on a piece of pita bread, lay the layers on top with vegetables, onions, chopped rings, and mayonnaise. Roll the pita into a roll. Cut it into pieces.

Beetroot salad with pineapple

  • 1 boiled beetroot
  • 150 g canned pineapple
  • 1/2 cup thick cream
  • 2 tbsp. L. Chopped walnuts

Beetroot is cleaned, cut into small cubes and combined with slices of pineapple. Cream the shake, pour the prepared foods and mix gently. When serving, sprinkle the salad with nuts.

Glazed Carrots

  • 0.5 kg of carrots
  • 1 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil
  • 2 tbsp. L. Honey
  • 1/2 cup water
  • salt

How to prepare a dish:

Carrots clean and cut into rings. In a saucepan, heat the oil and fry the carrots for a few minutes until it is lightly browned. Add salt, honey and water to the pan. Bring to a boil, reduce the fire to a minimum. Cover it gently and simmer until the carrot is soft.

Beetroot caviar

  • 4 small beets
  • 1 large onion
  • Ground peperonchino
  • 80 grams of tomato paste
  • 2-3 pieces each. Sweet peas, black pepper-peas and bay leaves
  • Pinch of dry tarragon
  • Salt to taste
  • Ground black pepper
  • 2 small cloves of garlic
  • olive oil

How to prepare a dish:

Remove the cover, add heat and hold onFire until most of the liquid is evaporated. Serve hot, if desired, sprinkle with parsley. Beetroot clean and grate on a fine grater. In the pan, pour olive oil and save the chopped onions. Add peperonchino, sweet peas, black pepper-peas, bay leaf. Add the tomato paste and let it sit a little, with the addition of 2 - 3 st. L. water. Add the grated beets. Put out all together, stirring constantly. Add thyme at the end of the cooking. Salt and pepper. Turn off the heat, add crushed garlic. Cool down. Serve with bread or black bread in a cold.

Goulash on wine with potatoes and chips

  • 0.5 kg of beef pulp
  • 3 pieces each. Large potatoes and carrots
  • 1 sweet and hot pepper
  • 4 onions
  • 0.5L dry red wine
  • 1 l beef broth
  • 2 tbsp. L. olive oil
  • 60 g of sweet paprika
  • For 1 tsp. Caraway and rosemary / egg
  • garlic

Prepare the dough. To drive in a bowl an egg, to salt and squeeze out garlic to taste. Pour in flour in small portions, knead the dough. Roll it into a ball. Peel potatoes and cut into large pieces. Chop the onions into small cubes and fry in olive oil until golden. In a heated frying pan (without oil), fry the meat until a crust is formed.

Buckwheat with meat and tomatoes

At the bottom of the pan put the oil, boiled meat slices and tomatoes in their own juice, cut into pieces. Add the buckwheat, pour in water, salt and turn on the "Buckwheat" mode.

Caviar from zucchini

  • 2 zucchini
  • 2 onions
  • 3 carrots
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tbsp. L. Thick tomato paste
  • vegetable oil

How to prepare a dish:

Onion and zucchini cut, grate the carrots. Pour a little vegetable oil into the pan of the multivark, put onions, carrots, zucchini. Salt and pepper. Cook in "Baking" mode 40 min. Mix twice. Then select the "Quenching" mode, cook 1 hour. For 20 minutes before the end, put the tomato paste and finely chopped garlic. At the end, turn off the multivark, cool, transfer the contents to another container. Grind the blender in puree.

Meat pie

  • 0.5 kg of ground beef
  • З eggs
  • 400 g of potatoes
  • greens (dill, parsley, coriander)
  • 200 g of leek
  • salt, spices (Italian mixture, curry)

How to prepare a dish:

Season with mince salt and spices, add eggs. Mix well. Peeled potatoes cut into slices. Cut the onions into rings. Lay in the pot multivarka layers: onions (well-distributing it on the bottom), minced meat, potatoes, minced meat. So make a few sodas of minced meat and potatoes. The last layer is minced. Top with onion again. To put in multivarku. Cook for 1 hour in the "Quenching" mode and 1 hour in the "Baking" mode. At the end of cooking, you need to allow the juice to absorb a little (5 minutes), and then turn the cake over the dish. Sprinkle it with herbs and serve it to the table.

Fried chanterelles

  • chanterelles
  • onion
  • vegetable oil
  • salt

In the pan multivarka put the mushrooms and pour themwater. A little salt and pepper. After 20 minutes, drain the water, add the vegetable oil, onions, cut into half rings, and put back into the multivark for 20 minutes.

Meatballs in vegetable sauce

For stuffing:

  • 300 g of pork
  • 150 g of beef
  • 100 grams of squash
  • 1 onion
  • Pepper, salt

For sauce:

  • Bulgarian pepper (different colors)
  • onion
  • celery root
  • fresh cucumbers
  • 1-2 tbsp. l. sour cream
  • Greens to taste

Scroll the meat with onions. Grate courgette - it will add splendor and airiness. If the stuffing turned out too steep, you can add a little yogurt. Salt and pepper forcemeat. It is good to fight off, so that it is filled with oxygen. Slepit meatballs, dipping your hands in water and rolling up the same size balls. Fold them on a plate. Put in the refrigerator. Prepare the sauce. Wash and cut vegetables and greens. Fry in a pan in a small amount of vegetable oil for about 2 - 3 minutes. Add the sour cream. Fry the contents of the frying pan in a blender, grind to the state of gruel. Pour a little water, salt and pepper. Pour into saucepan of multivark sauce, turn on "Baking" mode for 20 min. When the sauce boils, put the meatballs on it, close it with a lid and leave it before the multicore beeps.

Lamb baked with prunes

  • lamb fillet
  • prunes
  • garlic
  • sprigs of rosemary
  • vegetable oil

For marinade:

  • 1 glass of pomegranate juice
  • for 1 tsp. cumin (zira) and ground black pepper
  • 0.5 tsp. Ground coriander
  • 2 tbsp. l. grated onions
  • 1 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil

All the ingredients for the marinade mix. Lamb marinated for 4 hours. Then lay the meat in layers, put the washed prunes, crushed garlic. Collapse the stratum with a roll, tie a string, under which to put the branches of rosemary (you can and dry). Put into a grill pan. Slightly sprinkle with vegetable oil. Form with meat put in the oven at 200 ° C and bake for 20 minutes, until the meat starts to give juice. Then reduce the temperature to 160 ° C and bake for another 1.5 hours. Transfer the meat to the multivark and bake until soft for 2 hours in the "Quenching" mode.

Sautéed aubergines

  • onion
  • Bell pepper
  • Tomatoes
  • eggplant
  • green sour apple

garlic, salt, spices Onion, pepper, apple, tomatoes, eggplant and garlic chopped and seasoned. Cook in the multivarker in the "Baking" mode for 30-40 minutes.

Black currant tea drink

  • 150 ml of blackcurrant juice
  • 4 tsp. tea infusion (very strong)
  • 6 tbsp. l. vanilla syrup
  • hot water

Mix 150 ml of blackcurrant juice, 4 tsp. strong tea infusion and 6 tbsp. l. vanilla syrup. Dilute to taste with hot water. Thus, you can prepare tea from any juice you like, such as raspberry, apple, blackberry, pomegranate, strawberry, etc.

Fish pie

  • 1 can of canned salmon in its own juice
  • 1 onion and medium size carrots
  • 1 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil
  • 1 glass of sour cream, mayonnaise and flour
  • 2 eggs
  • soda at the tip of the knife

Prepare the filling. Cut the onions, grate carrots on a large grater and fry in a frying pan in vegetable oil. Add chopped salmon and stir. Sour cream, mayonnaise, soda, eggs and flour mix with a mixer. Half pour on a smeared frying pan and bake for 15 minutes (to allow the dough to catch a little). Lay out the filling and pour the second half of the dough. Bake in preheated oven for 40 min.

Lobiani (khachapuri with beans)

  • 250 g of margarine
  • on 1h. l. salt and sugar
  • 1 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil
  • 60 g yeast
  • flour

For filling:

  • 0.5kg beans
  • 1-2 onions
  • salt pepper

Dilute yeast in warm water and pour into a bowl. Add sugar, salt, butter and melted margarine to them. Stir and pour 2 cups of warm water. Knead the dough. It should be like thick sour cream. Leave it for a while to come. Prepare the filling. Boil the beans, grind it with a blender and add salt, pepper and fried onions. Mix. Make khachapuri out of dough and stuffing. Bake.

Spicy bananas in cognac

  • 4 small peeled banana
  • 40 g of butter and sugar
  • 40 ml of banana liqueur and cognac
  • Juice 2 oranges
  • 1/2 lemon juice

Preheat the butter in a frying pan. Lightly fry in it peeled bananas, remove them from a frying pan. Put bananas in a warm place. Prepare caramel from sugar in the remaining butter in the frying pan, pour in the banana liqueur, orange and lemon juice and steamed. Bananas again put in a frying pan and put on fire. Preheat them, pour cognac and set fire to it.

Cake from Corn Sticks

  • 150 grams of colored marmalade
  • 1 can of boiled or plain condensed milk
  • nuts or peanuts
  • 200 g of peeled walnuts
  • 175-200 g of butter
  • 2.5 packs of corn sticks for 70g

Corn sticks to pour into deep dishes,Place the evaporated milk and melted butter. Cut the colored marmalade into small pieces. Stir corn sticks with condensed milk and butter, while very strongly knead the sticks by hand, breaking them. Then add chopped marmalade and mix. Grind cleaned walnuts or peanuts. From the resulting mass, form an oblong loaf. Roll it in chopped nuts. Screw in cellophane or foil and send to the freezer for about 30 minutes. Then take it out of the fridge, unfold and cut into slices across.

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