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Evening dresses for complete

Straight Silhouette Dress

Straight silk dresses are popular with ladies in the body. The simple form of the dress visually slim, does not focus on the shortcomings of the figure, and if you add a belt to it, the waistline will look thinner. It is worth paying attention to the brightly colored models - blue, red, emerald, orange. Also in the trend, dark colors that are beneficial to the full women.

Dress with scent V-neck

Dresses such a fasana perfectly hide the wideWaist, small belly and emphasize the breasts. Such models look elegant and elegant. A well-designed neckline will visually make the shoulders narrower, and the smell suits women with wide hips.

Dress scarfs

Complete girls can remember that they do not needTo focus all attention on some particular area. It is considered that the ideal shape is an hourglass, and many women are striving for this ideal. To become a little closer to your dream, try to purchase a dress with straps that will make the upper part of the body narrower, emphasize the beauty of the neck and the accessory of the necessary elegance and subtlety .

Dress with bobs or drapery

Picking up the evening dress, you need to remember the harmony in the combination of the top and bottom. Hips must be wider than the waist, then the dress will sit best, and the woman will look luxurious in it.

Real salvation for full ladies - dress withRuffles, flounces, drapery. They will hide excess volumes, giving lightness. These dresses look playful and romantic, but it's worthwhile to be careful: a large number of ruffles and flounces can play against you.

Asymmetric dress or dress with print

It is worth to give up horizontal strips andA lot of spangles, but an asymmetrical hem, an interesting medium-sized print can perfectly suit a full girl. The best pictures are the average size. The asymmetrical hem emphasizes the beauty of the legs and makes it slimmer, as the simple dresses look the most advantageous.


Undoubtedly, no one can manage without anyfemale. The dress of this style fits all types of figures, emphasizes all the dignity. A full woman with a figure of the "hourglass" type will look luxurious in this dress: she will emphasize the waist, lengthen the silhouette. Often, designers add extra dots, which help to hide flaws. The extra-fancy beauties should avoid excessive decor in the chest area: pockets, beads, collars, lapels, scarves and scarves, etc.

Dress Basques

This popular model today is suitable for girls in the body. The dress with a basque will hide superfluous in the waist and hips. Such a dress will get accustomed not only in the evening, but in the daily wardrobe.

Dress in style baby-dollar

Dresses in this style will perfectly suit those whoWants to hide excess in the waist zone. The best models will be a model with an exaggerated waist. Also this dress will emphasize the dignity of the figure, for example, long legs.

Lace dress

Correctly-like and well-seated textureDress will be the best option for going out into the light. Lace can hide the fullness by adding lightness. Many designers used lace in their collections, so definitely worth paying attention to it. No less popular dresses with lace inserts.

Feminine forms are not yet an excuse to give up giddy evening gowns. The main thing is to pick up something that you like, something that will emphasize your individuality.

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