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Caesar salad with chicken and other recipes

Chicken Salad
Ingredients: chicken breasts, prunes, mayonnaise, red sweet pepper. Olives without pits, pine nuts, canned pineapple.</ P>

Preparation. Chicken breasts boil and cut into pieces, prune and cut prunes, add canned pieces of pineapple. Cut the olives into circles, pepper into small pieces, add the nuts. All we will salivate and dress with mayonnaise.

Salad of chicken breast
Ingredients: chicken breast, walnuts, fried onions, a can of champignons in its own juice, 5 eggs.

Preparation. We'll fry the egg with a fork, we'll make an omelette. Cut the onion into cubes and fry. Boiled breast cut into cubes. We cut the eggs into cubes. Mix everything, add mushrooms and dress with mayonnaise. Sprinkle with grated walnuts.

Caesar salad"
Ingredients: leaf lettuce, pitted olives, tomatoes. Sauce for salad "Caesar", cheese "Parmesan". Chicken breast, croutons.

Preparation. Let's cut the salad into strips, cut the tomatoes and olives into halves. Cook the broth, cut into small pieces and fry in butter with the addition of breadcrumbs. All the ingredients, put in a salad bowl, and sprinkled on top with croutons and grated cheese, season with sauce.

Salad "Chicken with rusk"
Ingredients: 2 chicken breast, 1 bunch of lettuce leaves, bread rolls (for crackers). Vegetable or olive oil, mustard, salt, sugar, vinegar.

Preparation. Pre-cook crackers, for this white bread cut into small cubes, bake in the oven and cool. Prepare a dressing from oil, sugar, vinegar, mustard. Ingredients are added to taste, who loves more sharply, who is more sour, only that the dressing is not thick. In a separate bowl, fill this filling with crackers, you need them to soak it.

On the plate we will spread the hands of lettuce crushed by hands. Cook the chicken in cubes and put it on a salad. Then we'll put impregnated crackers on it, and we'll pour a little gasoline on top.

Salad for your beloved
Ingredients: chicken boiled breast, mayonnaise, orange, 100 grams of sweet dried apricots, 100 grams of peeled walnuts, salt.

Preparation. All the ingredients are finely chopped, the nut must be crushed, so that all the pieces are felt, add salt, add mayonnaise. The original salad is ready.

Salad "The joy of the forester"
Ingredients: 1 kilogram of mushrooms, 300 grams of Russian cheese, 5 eggs, 2 carrots, 4 chicken breasts, 1 onion, 4 or 5 potatoes, 2 or 3 packs of 250 grams of mayonnaise.

Preparation. Mushrooms fry in vegetable oil with onions, chicken, eggs, potatoes, boil the carrot. Salad we lay layers:
1 Layer - grated carrot on a large grater,
2 Layer - mayonnaise,
3 Layer - grated cheese,
4 Layer - grated eggs,
5 Layer - mayonnaise,
6 Layer - a chicken, cut into cubes,
7 Layer - mayonnaise,
8 Layer - grated potato on a large grater,
9 Layer - mayonnaise,

10 Layer - fried with onion mushrooms,
11 Layer - mayonnaise.

Salad we put in 2 rows, when all the layers are laid, we begin to lay first.
On top of the three eggs for decoration, and on it we put a black olive.

Exotic salad
Ingredients: 16 champignons, 200 grams of asparagus in Korean, a jar of pineapples, 4 eggs, 500 grams of boiled chicken breast, mayonnaise.

Preparation. Cooked chicken breast crushed, add the diced pineapples, champignons, asparagus, chopped eggs and dressing the salad with mayonnaise.

Salad "The perfect combination"
Ingredients: hard cheese, low-fat cream, boiled chicken breasts. Eggs, sweet and sour apples, pepper, salt, greens.

Preparation. Apples, cheese, chicken cut into pieces, eggs will be rubbed on a large grater, pepper, salt, add greens dill or parsley, fill with low-fat cream. You can fill with mayonnaise, but if we add cream, the salad from it will be lighter and more tender.

Salad "Rapture"
Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 2 chicken breasts, 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, 200 grams of hard cheese, 2 cucumbers, mayonnaise.

Preparation. Boil the salted water in the breast, cut the tomatoes and cucumbers into cubes and put them in separate plates. Cheese will be sore on a small grater, garlic will be taken there. Mix the breasts with cheese. With cucumbers and tomato with salt, the juice is separated, mixed and dressed with mayonnaise.

Olivier with champignons
Ingredients: Boiled chicken breast, a can of light mayonnaise, a pot of green peas, 300 grams of fried and chopped mushrooms, 2 fresh cucumbers, 6 pickled cucumbers, 3 large boiled potatoes, 3 boiled eggs, a bunch of parsley and dill, pepper, salt to taste.

Instructions. All the ingredients are cut into cubes, finely chop the greens. Season with mayonnaise, when serving.

"Turtle" salad
Ingredients: 2 pieces of boiled potatoes, 300 grams of canned or fresh mushrooms, 4 boiled chicken eggs, Russian cheese, 200 or 300 grams of chicken breast, walnuts, mayonnaise, onion head.

Preparation. Salad is prepared in layers, each layer a little salted and greased with mayonnaise.
1 Layer - on grater potrem potatoes,
2 Layer - fry with onion mushrooms,
3 Layer - grated eggs on the grater,
4 Layer - chicken breast finely chopped,
5 Layer - the cheese is squeezed on the grater.
The last layer of oil with mayonnaise and lay out the top with crushed walnuts.

Salad with chicken and pineapple
Ingredients: canned canned pineapple, Beijing cabbage, 4 eggs, dill, mayonnaise, 300 grams of chicken breast.

Preparation. We will cut pineapples in small pieces, cut eggs, cabbage, breast, mix everything and dress with mayonnaise, we will salt to taste. On top decorate the salad with dill.

Salad «Delicacy»
Ingredients: boiled chicken breast, can of pineapple, mayonnaise with liquid sour cream in a 1: 1 ratio, fresh cucumber, 3 eggs, 200 grams of sweet cheese.

Preparation. Chicken cut into cubes, cucumber and cheese cut with straws, pour out pineapple juice, boil eggs and cut into cubes, pour mayonnaise. Very tasty and satisfying. If someone loves olives, add olives, they will add a piquant taste to the dish.

Salad "Miracle"
Ingredients: 2 boiled chicken breasts, 100 grams of hard cheese, 100 grams of rusks. Green parsley and dill, 5 pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise.

Preparation. Cut the loaf into cubes, melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a frying pan, and fry it on the baking tray for about 30 minutes. Cucumbers, cheese, chicken cut into strips. All the ingredients are mixed, dressed with mayonnaise, we add greenery, which is finely chopped.

Chicken breast salad with canned green peas<

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