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With what to wear leather jackets to look stylish?

What is the combination of a leather jacket?

When choosing an ensemble for a leather jacket,Take into account its model. Jacket style plays a decisive role. Next, we will consider the most popular variations of outfits in which this garment element is used.

Short leather jacket

A short jacket made of leather is an excellent option for girls with a slender figure. With what is it worth combining?

  1. With a dress. These models of jackets are distinguished by their versatility, which allows them to be combined with a variety of models of dresses. Dresses up to the floor, frank mini, elongated sweaters, chiffon and silk dresses - this is an incomplete list of what will ideally be combined with the skin.
  2. With trousers. If you do not treat your image lightly and carefully think through everything, then a fairly wide choice opens up. With a short jacket made of leather will look great like blue jeans, trousers made of silk, and various capris.
  3. With a tunic. Tunics of different styles, for example, with a strap on hips, a tight figure, with an overstated waist perfectly combined with short leather jackets. The material from which the tunic is made can be different - it is knitwear, and silk, and linen, and cotton fabrics, etc. To complement the image will help tight pantyhose or tight jeans.

Jacket-jacket made of leather

This element of clothing easily fits into all sorts of wardrobes and allows you to create very interesting images.

  1. Rocker style. A short jacket-jacket in the style of a rocker looks great with leather trousers or a skirt, and the most suitable skirt models are straight midi and flared mini, having cuts on the hips, fringe as a decoration.
  2. Romantic style. Also with short jackets-jackets from the skin look easy dresses, sewn from flowing air fabrics. The floral, geometric or animalistic design of the dress will only accentuate the playful image.
  3. Business style. To create a strict image, you should choose classic pants, strict shirts, dress-cases, and skirts of medium length. To complement the composition, choose elegant shoes with a steady heel.
  4. Combination with shorts. The ensemble of leather jacket-jacket and shorts of dense material looks quite original. Short jeans shorts, dark-colored leather jacket, black belt and boots will create an excellent image that attracts attention. And the use of sweaters and pantyhose with rich shades will add brightness to an already impressive bow.
  5. Combination with jeans. Blue jeans straight style to a stylish jacket-jacket will suit perfectly. At the same time, it is recommended to follow an important rule: the shorter the jacket, the narrower and more concise breeches of denim should be. An important role here is played by shoes. Models with a medium heel and closed socks - that's an excellent option in this case. Elegantly will look and ankle boots, high boots on the hairpin, boots.


Using a jacket-kosuhu, you can create a setOriginal images - everything here will depend on your sense of style and desire to experiment. Fashion lovers when choosing a jacket-coat should consider the following options.

  1. Youth style. Excellent will be combined jacket-crook with a vests-alcoholic, jumper, tight jeans. This image is great for everyday use. From shoes fit athletic shoes, ankle boots or high-heeled shoes.
  2. Skirts. With a scoop different models of skirts look great: short, long, pencil skirts. Materials can also be diverse. It can be jeans, light streaming and dense fabrics. Of shoes are excellent boots, shoes with a high heel, sandals.
  3. Chiffon and satin dresses. A jacket-kosuha combined with a light dress will create a feminine and elegant image. Gowns decorated with floral, floral and geometric prints, ruffles, ruffles, flounces are welcomed.

As you can see, leather jackets of different modelsPerfectly fit all those who are not afraid to look fashionable and stylish. Feel free to choose this element of clothing and create more and more new images, which, believe me, will not be left without attention.

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