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How to cook delicious meals for the family

Grilled vegetables</ P>

You will need 6-8 servings:

• 3-4 eggplant and zucchini

• 4-5 sweet peppers

• a bunch of asparagus

• 1/2 lemon juice + olive oil

For sauce:

• 6 cloves of garlic (chopped)

• 200 ml of olive oil

- 3 tbsp. L. Balsamic vinegar

• sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

• 1 hot chili

• a bunch of parsley and young onions (finely chopped)


Eggplant and zucchini cut along and fry onGrilling, lubricating during cooking with olive oil and lemon juice. Peppers bake whole. Prepare the sauce: in a wide salad bowl, mix all the ingredients. Slightly fork with onions and greens. Place the grilled vegetables in the sauce, leave until served on the table. Transfer to a plate and pour the remaining sauce.

Homemade bread with olives

You will need for a large round bread:

• 1 kg of flour

• 2 bags of dry yeast

• about 400 ml of water

• 1 jar of marinated olives (with or without stones - whatever you like, but you have to remove the bones and cut the olives into halves)

• olive oil for lubrication

• 1 tbsp. L. Salt

• 1 tbsp. L. Sahara


Yeast dilute in warm water, leave onSome time so that they will dissolve. Sift the flour, add salt and sugar, olives and, gradually pouring water, knead the dough, adding the diluted yeast. The dough should be quite steep. Lubricate the dough with olive oil, put it in a deep dish, cover with a towel and leave it to fit. When the dough significantly increases in volume, dab it, once again knead. Let it come back up again and then double it, then put it on the baking tray. When the dough rises for the third time, move the dough to a preheated oven. After about 20 minutes, reduce the heat to 170C. Bake for about 15-20 minutes - a rosy crust should form on top. Using a kitchen towel, gently turn the bread upside down so that the bottom part is browned. Leave for 10 minutes, then flip back. Cook for about 10 minutes. Take the hot bread from the oven and leave it on the table to cool. Do not cover with a towel! The crust must be worn and become slightly crispy.

Cold tomato soup

You will need 6-8 servings:

• 4 cloves garlic

• 2 tbsp. L. Lemon juice

• 3 tbsp. L. Red wine vinegar

• 2 pcs. White onion (finely chopped)

• 50 ml extra virgin olive oil

• 2-3 cm chili pepper (finely chopped)

• a bunch of fresh parsley

• 1 large tomato "bull heart" or 6 small

• 1 pot (1 l) of crushed tomatoes in own juice

• 1 jar of pickled capers

• freshly ground black pepper

• sea salt to taste

• still mineral water


Tomatoes finely chop, put into a pan. Add lemon juice, vinegar, chopped onions and chili pepper (without seeds), mashed tomatoes and olive oil. Stir. Pour into the soup of mineral water, diluting to the desired density, add a handful of capers and a little marinade from them. Season to taste and put for 2 hours in the refrigerator before serving.

Pork neck + cheese inside

You will need 6-8 servings:

• 2 pieces of pork tenderloin (about 500 g each)

2-3 sprigs of fresh rosemary 1 3-4 tbsp. L. Dijon mustard

• 200 grams of any cheese that melts well

• 6-8 slices of smoked bacon, olive oil and lemon juice - for lubrication

• 1/2 lemon

• salt and freshly ground black pepper


Cut off the meat from the meat. With a sharp knife on each slice, make a longitudinal cut from the side to the middle, open the slice. Make a couple more cuts to flatten the notch in the form of a rectangular piece. Fold the meat with your fingers and make a shallow incision crosswise. Do not beat! Lubricate each piece (on the inside) with Dijon mustard, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with rosemary leaves. Lay on one half of each piece of tenderloin slices of bacon and cheese and fold in half, in the form of a book. Grab the edges, filling the filling inside. Place the scrap in the tray, make shallow notches with a knife across the fibers. Lubricate with olive oil, season with salt, pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice. Fry the grilled tenderloin until tender. Serve with vegetables.

Salad with beans and cod

You will need 6-8 servings:

  • 1 small cod (cut into steaks)

• 0.5 cans of canned red and white beans (you can boil 400 g of dry beans)

  • 1 onion (finely chopped)

• 3-4 small tomatoes

• 1/2 lemon

• 3-4 pieces. Dried tomatoes (if there is)

• 1 fresh chili pepper

• 1 Bulgarian pepper

• 10 cm leeks (white part)

  • 1 bunch of parsley

• 3 tbsp. L. Capers

For refueling:

  • 2 cloves garlic (finely chopped)

• 4-5 tbsp. L. Olive oil, extra virgin oil

• 2 tbsp. L. Wine vinegar

  • Freshly ground black pepper and sea salt to taste


Slice the cod with olive oil,Sprinkle with lemon juice and bake on the grill grill. Season to taste. Mix in the salad bowl chopped onion (plain white and leek), Bulgarian pepper and chili (without seeds if you are afraid of acute taste), tomatoes, chopped parsley, white and red beans, capers. Prepare the dressing by mixing olive oil, wine vinegar, chopped garlic, season with a salad. Disassemble the baked fish from the bones and add to the salad.

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