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Fast snacks for the New Year's table

In general, in all cases, when guests comeUnexpectedly, you have to take into account, covering the table, the main rule - refreshments and snacks need not be made exquisite, because you still do not have time for it. The main thing is that the New Year's table should be original and beautifully decorated. Use fudge, imagination and dare, surprise guests with its originality.</ P>

To fast snacks for the New Year's table, you canCarry a few salads, beautifully decorated sandwiches, dishes from products that are always at hand at every hostess. For tea, you can serve the simplest sweet foods and treats.

Sandwiches are made from wheat or their ryeof bread. A loaf or bread is cut diagonally or in other interesting ways. The main rule when preparing sandwiches - they should look beautiful, festive. Effectively look multicomponent sandwiches, decorated with fresh greens. For example, the following sandwiches will be a tasty and beautiful snack for the New Year's table: rye bread, chopped herring, butter and egg or rye bread, chopped herring, tomatoes, onions, greens. It all depends on your invention.

The following requirements are imposed on sandwiches: They should be comfortable to take them by hand and eat, on the sandwich the main product or at least part of it should be visible so that guests know what sandwiches are made of, pieces of meat or fish on the sandwich should not greatly exceed the breadth and breadth.

A popular form of sandwiches today, whichYou can see and try on all the holidays and parties - it's canapé. Canapes are "one bite" sandwiches, which are made for convenience on wooden skewers and forks. When preparing canapes, bread or toast, fried in vegetable oil, is used. Bread for canapé is cut into circles, squares or rhombs. Previously, bread is removed from the crust. A slice of bread for canapé can be smeared with melted vegetable oil.

Sandwiches with chopped herring, onions and eggs.

We remove crusts from the buttonhole, trim the edgesSo that a brick is obtained. We cut the loaf horizontally into 3 or 4 layers, each layer is greased with butter. Browning in the oven. After the loaf cools down, lubricate the dry side with butter, mixed with tomato paste. In the center of the layer should be put boiled egg, cut in half. Egg should be placed so that the yolk was on top. One edge of the loaf is sprinkled with chopped onion, the other with chopped herring. Finished strips are cut across into identical strips, about 2 fingers wide.

Sandwiches with pâté.

Bread is prepared in exactly the same way. Pate rubbed with butter in a proportion of 1: 3. From this mixture, rollers or balls are formed, about 2 cm thick. Each roller is placed in the middle of the prepared loaf. To the left of the platen are put eggs, mixed with chopped greens, to the right of the platen is put a slice of bacon. In the roller is a groove in which it is fashionable to pour finely chopped greens or green onions. Ready sandwiches are cut across into equal parts.

Canapes of black bread with sprats.

The preparation for canapé is cut from rye breadCircles, diameter - 3cm, and fried in vegetable oil. Each circle is spread with butter mixed with mustard. Above lay an egg circle, then a cucumber circle. On top of the cucumber put putten into a ring of sprat. On top of the sprat, the sandwich is smeared with butter and mustard and sprinkled with herbs.

Canape with sardines.

Billets from white bread (in the form ofRectangles) smeared with butter, and in the middle lay fillets of sardines. On each side a sandwich is decorated with fresh cucumber and tomatoes, parsley greens. In the middle of a sandwich, a slice of lemon is put on a sardine.

Salad of tomatoes and apples.

Tomatoes and apples are peeled, sweet peppers are cleaned of seeds. All finely chopped, mixed with the addition of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Dress salad with sour cream.

You will need: 3 apples, 3 onions, 2 peppers, 150 g sour cream, sugar, salt to taste, lemon juice.

Tomato salad with nuts.

Tomatoes must be cut into small slices, onionsTo chop. Mix everything, salt and pepper, pour with vegetable oil and add to the mixture crushed walnuts and crushed garlic. Salad should be put in the refrigerator for half an hour before serving.

You will need: 400g tomatoes, 1 onion, half a glass of brushed and chopped walnuts, 3 tbsp. Vegetable oil, pepper, garlic, salt - to taste.

Salad of squid with rice.

Rice should be boiled in salt water, washed andTo cool. Squids boiled, cooled, cut into strips. Onions can be cut into large rings, lettuce leaves - slices. Greens should be finely chopped. Stir the ingredients, add pepper, salt, mayonnaise, tomato juice to the salad. Sprinkle the salad with greens.

You will need: 3-4 fillets of squid, 3 onions, 4 tbsp. Rice, 3 eggs, 50g salad, 100g mayonnaise, tomato juice, greens, peppers, dill - to taste.

Meat salad.

The salad includes the following products: Boiled meat (250g), boiled potatoes (3pcs), salted cucumber (2pcs), brushed apple (1pc), boiled egg (2pcs) - all the ingredients are finely chopped and mixed, add green peas (100g), pepper, salt, lemon juice . Salad dress mayonnaise, decorate with greens.

Cheese, fried in breadcrumbs.

Cheese of hard varieties is cut into cubes of the same size, rolled in flour, and then dipped in a beaten egg. Then bread is breaded in breadcrumbs and fried in vegetable oil.

You will need: 300g of cheese, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, vegetable oil.

Enjoy your holidays and good mood!

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