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A few ideas for a quick breakfast

Why a quick breakfast is better than no breakfastBreakfast? Some girls mistakenly believe that skipping breakfast they save calories and thereby lose weight. In fact, everything is completely different. Missed breakfast is a guarantee that you will move in the afternoon and evening. And this is much more dangerous for the figure than the breakfast eaten. In addition, the morning meal speeds up the metabolism and "frees the head" for solving other problems, besides searching for food and heavy thoughts about when, finally, dinner.</ P>

Some people are simply not hungry in the morning or long can not wake up. They can use several options for a quick breakfast, which does not overload the stomach, but will charge the brain and body with energy.

Smoothies and drinking yoghurts are simply created forMorning maloezhes. Smoothies - this fruit pulp with pulp, mixed with a sour milk drink or milk. Smoothies are the perfect breakfast before work, and before the morning strength training. Preparing it takes three minutes, about the same takes away the breakfast itself. And more - smoothies do not need to drink, it's so to say food and drink two in one. Take a ripe banana, an apple, an orange, kiwi or any berries. Grind them in a blender and whisk for one minute with yoghurt. Everything - breakfast is ready. They woke up, remembered that there were no products at home - here are some ideas for a quick breakfast on your way to work. Buy a pack of packaged unsalted nuts and fruit juice with pulp, or you can treat yourself to baking - only savory. The main thing is to avoid soda in all its forms, even those that contain "zero calories" and sweet rolls and slices with jam. The latter sharply raise the level of sugar in the blood, which means that in a couple of hours you will very much want to eat.

Several ideas for a quick breakfast are associated withReady flakes or muesli, which you can eat with milk or juice. Indeed, they do not need to be cooked. But choosing these products, pay attention to the sugar content. Many factory muesli and flakes are literally loaded with sugar, which means that a couple of hours after such a breakfast you will want to eat, and after a couple of months you may find that beloved pants are cramped at the waist.

A few ideas to prepare a quick breakfastChildren? Without problems, you can make healthy sandwiches from whole grain bread and soft cheese (cut in the evening, packed in a plastic container with a lid). Dessert will be freshly squeezed juice, which again is prepared in three minutes.

A few ideas for a quick breakfast with coffee. This invigorating drink is capable to spoil all morning if for example, will run away on a plate at the most inopportune moment. You can not without coffee and hate soluble - buy a thermos and prepare a fragrant drink from the evening. In the morning it will be even tastier, warmed up in the microwave yesterday's coffee just rests!

Are you in traffic jams on your way to work? Here are ideas for a quick breakfast in the car. Take a bottle of juice with you and a couple of muesli bars. A combination of bars + yogurt is also suitable. Some car enthusiasts manage to eat kashka from a container while driving - but this requires training, you do not want to spend a working day, shyly covering the stain on clothes.

And finally, ideas for breakfast for the mostLazy ones. Eat fruit and grams of 200 cottage cheese. Tasty, nutritious, balanced, and most importantly - do not need to cook at all. And coffee? Coffee at work will drink, in a relaxed atmosphere.

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