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We all love chebureks

We all love chebureks, and of course we know thatEat them with their hands, and start eating better from the top end. It is inappropriate to bite the cheburek in the middle. This can not be done because there is a lot of oil in the cheburek, and hardly anyone will want to get dirty.</ P>

Chebureks can be prepared at home and dough. In order to prepare the dough you need 4 cups of flour, 8 tbsp. Spoons of vegetable oil, one and a half glasses of water, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 pinches of salt. The secret ingredient is 1 teaspoon of vodka. 300 g of beef, 300 g of pork, 1 glass of meat broth or 1 glass of milk, 1 head of onion, pepper, salt, dill, parsley will take 300 grams of filling.

Flour must be sifted. Salt and sugar dissolve in water, then pour into the flour, there should also be added vodka and vegetable oil. The dough should be carefully kneaded and left alone for a while, covering it with a napkin. Then the dough is again in the way. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times. The ready dough is rolled out with a rolling pin 2-3 mm thick. Saucers are cut out circles, the diameter of which should be about 15 cm. If there is no saucer, then the dough should be divided into pieces, rolled into balls, and then rolled into a cake.

For cooking minced meat through a meat grinderSkipping pork and beef. Then it is necessary to add finely chopped onions, dill or parsley to mince, then mix well, do not forget to salt and pepper. In order to get a semi-liquid consistency, the ready-made stuff must be diluted with milk or meat broth. You can also put lamb in the filling. To do this, it must be finely chopped or passed through a meat grinder, add garlic, pepper and salt.

Finished filling is laid out in the middleRolled cakes. For one cheburek, one tablespoon of the filling is sufficient. The edges of the dough are torn. You can shape the edge of the cheburek with a fork, pressing it to the test. Chebureks are fried in deep frying or in a skillet with the addition of a large amount of vegetable oil on medium heat. Chebureks are fried on both sides before a golden crust appears.

Very often, the production of cheburek is freshdough. But there is also a recipe for cooking chebureks on a custard batter. The brewed dough is plastic, and is easily rolled out. Chebureks, made from a brewed dough, are soft, and resemble puff pastry. In order to prepare the brewed dough, you need to take 1 cup of boiling water, 3-4 glasses of flour and 1 teaspoon of salt. A glass of flour and a glass of boiling water should be placed in a bowl, not forgetting about the salt. Stir well and allow to cool. In a warm mixture, add 2-3 cups of flour and knead well.

The most popular filling for chebureks is considered to beMeat. But the filling can serve both cheese and mushrooms. For example, cheese stuffing can be cooked from two types of cheese: mozzarella and maasdam. ON 150 grams of mozzarella and maasdam should be grated and mixed. That's the whole stuffing. To make a mushroom filling you need to take 700 grams of mushrooms. They need to be cleaned, washed, cut and fried with the addition of finely chopped onions.

Often, the seductive scent of chebureks and seduces on the street. But do not risk your health, it's better to do cooking chebureks by yourself.

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