/ How to cook compote of frozen berries? The recipe for the correct preparation of compote from frozen berries.

How to cook compote of frozen berries? The recipe for the correct preparation of compote from frozen berries.

Delicious compote of frozen strawberries and raspberries

First of all you need berries. They can be purchased at the store or frozen in advance. Do not thaw the berries in any way, as they will lose all their vitamins.


  1. Take a pot of the volume you need. Pour clean water into it and put it on the fire. Water should be brought to a boil and poured sugar into it. Since the preferences for all are different, we recommend that you try the water and determine whether there is enough sugar in it yourself. Be sure to bring to a boil again.

  2. We put the berries in a pot and boil again. After boiling, reduce the heat to a minimum and cook another three minutes.

  3. At this stage, be sure to try the compote. Do not make it too sweet. If you overdo it with sugar, add a little more berries or citric acid, they harmonize the taste. If the sweets are not enough, add a little more and bring it back to a boil so that it melts.
  4. Once you have finished the preparation, cover the compote with a lid and leave for a while. It should cool down a little.

Compote of frozen berries is ready, and you can please your loved ones with useful yummy.

Similarly, the compote of frozenCherries, blueberries or currants. The recipe is the same, only fruits are different. But in order for you to get a truly unforgettable compote, we advise you to take advantage of our advice.

Features of the preparation of compote of frozen berries

  • Never boil compote of berries more than fiveMinutes. The fact is that six minutes of boiling kills all vitamins and minerals. You will not benefit from it, and you will ruin the taste completely. As a result, your glass will have just tinted water.
  • Never cook a fruit compote from an aluminum pan. This metal does not fit perfectly, because the acid of the fruit and the metal will react and this will affect the taste and benefits of compote.
  • Never defrost the fruit - it will kill themMercilessly and forever. They will lose juice, and with it useful vitamins. In addition, they will look very unattractive. You will not achieve a beautiful color from such fruits.

Following these simple rules, you will prepareTasty and healthy compote of frozen berries. Your relatives and friends will drink it with pleasure and receive such necessary vitamins to maintain immunity in the winter season.

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