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The advantages of a buffet table and what dishes to serve on it

The main advantage of a buffet table is that the food on it is light,And its a bit. After all, the main thing in a cocktail party is communication. Such an event will help employees from different departments get to know each other much better than a regular corporate. Here you can not hide behind the dinner table, barricaded with a plate of salad. If you want, you do not want to, but you have to talk to each other. By the way, the lack of chairs, which gives dynamism and mobility to such an event, has another plus - in an empty space next to the table you can arrange a playground for fun contests and games.

But what dishes are best prepared forBuffet? First of all, this, of course, canapé. Small pieces of cheese, ham, olives, strung on skewers - an ideal option "for one bite." Canapes can also be sweet, then the skewers string fruit.

It is difficult to imagine a cocktail reception without such a dish,As tartlets. These are small baskets of dough, where all sorts of salads are placed. Dough tartlets can be very different. They are ideal for serving eggs. Also, like canapes, they can be sweet if you fill them with fruit and whipped cream.

An excellent solution for a dessert portion of a buffet table -Mini cakes. They are much more convenient than traditional cake, which needs to be cut and laid out on plates. An amazing decoration of any most exquisite buffet is chocolate fondue. There is a small fountain on the table, from which hot chocolate flows. Nearby there are fruits and skewers. Fruits are placed on the skewers and then dipped into the fountain.

As for hot dishes, it is worthPay attention to the mini shish kebabs. Due to their small size, chicken hearts and liver are best for them. And also mini octopus and shrimp. However, nobody prevents to make a mini-shish kebab from traditional pork and mutton. But still the preference is given to the first option, as chicken offal and sea bastards - more refined, intricate, and most importantly - an easy option.

Another option for a hot dish for a buffet table is the baked hats of champignons on skewers. If desired, they can be filled with salads.

And finally, the most modern version of the dish for a buffet table is rolls and sushi. Now they are very popular, and they are eaten by almost everyone.

Alcohol for a buffet table should be just as light,As well as food, as well as combined with a general menu. In addition, if it is a business buffet, there is no point in leaning on a drink - it is important to save face. Refuse such drinks as vodka, cognac, tequila. Replace them with champagne, light young wine. In principle, you can do without alcohol at all.

To have a buffet table was successful for you, it is worthRemember the general rules of conduct for such events. You can not put yourself in a plate too much food - you can always go back to her table. Do not stay at the table too long, let others also put their own food. If you are on a diet, keep a glass of drink in your right hand, and put the food on the left - so you can eat much less. And we will repeat again - be careful to sort out with alcohol. You can not smoke where the buffet is held. If it is a question of accommodation, then everything is clear, and if the buffet is held outdoors? In this case, the person who wants to smoke must move away from the table, so as not to make smokers breathe smoke.

To summarize, I want to note a huge plusBuffet - you do not have to order expensive banquet halls and spend money on expensive spirits and fatty foods, as well as pay animators. So to everything else, the buffet is an economical option, as well as easy to prepare, and, despite this, spectacular. Yes, and effective, as well teaming together. Therefore, the next time when there will be a question about a party for the whole team, choose the form of the reception - a buffet table and you will definitely not lose it!

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