/ Names of exotic fruits. What are the exotic fruits.

Names of exotic fruits. What are the exotic fruits.


Unusual exotic fruit of rich redcolors. In diameter it reaches 4-5 centimeters. Very juicy to taste and produces a delicate sweet flavor. The flesh is sweet-sour, and in the middle - a small bone. Lychee grows in Asian countries, and ripens in late July or early August. You can store the fruit in the refrigerator for no more than two weeks. You can freeze lychee in the freezer, then the shelf life increases to three months without loss of taste. In fruits, a lot of protein, peptides, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. They contain a high concentration of nicotinic acid, so the use of lychee will help quickly and without much difficulty quit smoking. Also regularly eating these fruits, you can provide excellent prevention and even treatment of atherosclerosis. In the stores you can find canned litchi, but their nutritional value is not so high.


A very unusual fruit that has a secondThe name is a hairy fruit. This is due to its appearance - the peel has a small oblong outgrowth-hairs. The fruits of rambutan are round in shape up to 5 cm in diameter. They are very sweet, but sometimes they can give off sourish. A stone can also be eaten, especially since it is quite difficult to detach it from the pulp.

In rambutane there are a lot of carbohydrates, calcium, iron,Phosphorus and nicotinic acid, so this fruit also helps smokers in the fight against addiction. It is stored for a short time - only a week in the refrigerator. In order to clean the fruit, it is necessary to make a small incision on the skin and lightly twist it in the middle, pulling it from the pulp. From rambutan are very tasty jams and jam.


Ptatahia is also often called the Eye of the Dragon orDragon fruit because of unusual flesh - a white or red substance with black small impregnations of bones. In fact, Pitahaya is nothing more than the fruit of a special cactus, and it can be collected all year round.

These are large fruits of an elongated shape the size ofThe man's palm. The color may be red, pink or yellow, but this does not mean that if you get a yellow pythia, it is not ripe. The same goes for the hue of the pulp, which can range from rich red to pale pink and white. The tender juicy pulp does not have a pronounced taste. You can eat draconic fruits by simply scooping up the contents of the rind with a spoon.

Dragon fruit helps to treat stomach pain, endocrine diseases and diabetes mellitus.


And finally it is worth mentioning the most impressive exotic fruit, whose name is durian. This is a big spiked fruit, whose weight can reach 8 kilograms! Looks like a huge melon with thorns.

Durian is known for his unusual specificA smell that resembles a "bouquet" of scents of garlic, onion and dirty socks. It sounds unappetizing, does not it? It is because of its smell that many people refuse to try even a piece, not the strength of aversion, but in vain. The flesh of the durian is very tasty and sweet. The tender inner part does not correspond at all with its smell. By the way, in many Asian hotels it's even forbidden to stay in rooms, if you have a durian with you! For example, in Thailand at the entrance to the hotel you can often find a special sign with a crossed spiked fruit.

Durian is known as a very caloric product,Possessing the properties of a powerful aphrodisiac. However, its smell can spoil even the most romantic date. It is not recommended to drink alcohol, especially if you suffer from pressure changes or hypertension.

The names of exotic fruits can not be counted, and if you get the chance to try at least one of the above fruits, do not miss this opportunity!

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