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What a woman wear on a first date - choose colors

What color is the color for the first date?

Red color. It would not be entirely correct not to give due to the most sexually attractive color in our quite diverse life cycle. On the man, the red color acts as well as the bull! At least, the man understands how much you are interested in him. It can be said that a man from a woman receives a signal about the possibility of an active offensive on his part. It should be noted that, to start a long and serious relationship, red color, of course, will not be entirely appropriate, and he can only rush things. Therefore, a woman should choose a red outfit for a date, but in more muffled shades, for example, burgundy or coral.

Orange color, as a rule, is bright andA positive color, however, in his single use, a woman will look too bright against the background of, as they say, the gray public. If a woman is going to wear an outfit on the first appearance, the basis of which will be orange, then you need to try to dilute it with more neutral and calm shades, otherwise it will start to ripple in her eyes after the first twenty minutes of her companion.

Pink - pure female color - this is unquestionableSymbolism, a wonderful variant of creating an image of a fragile young girl, ennobling her immediate view of the world. However, if you want a man to make an impression of a serious, as well as a confident lady, torus color can spoil your image a little.

The white outfit is really bright,Very "clean" color. For a hot summer, a white outfit with some minor additions of other colors will suit perfectly. But it's worth to be cautious about such a color, if it's not summer in the street. White color for many people is associated with solemn and business meetings, so it is unlikely that this option is suitable for a romantic atmosphere.

Green color - in itself it carriesExtremely positive energy, creating around itself harmony and coziness. Especially effective are light colors of green, which add a sense of lightness.

Women's outfit of purple is differentRefinement, and also charm. Such color can produce an inexpressible, memorable intriguing impression on your satellite. This outfit is really a winning option.

Blue color, like many other dark shades,As a rule, is associated with seriousness. However, the blue color is denied elegance, consistency is simply not possible, and these qualities are valued by many men. Blue color is often associated with high mental development, and it can also play a woman's hand.

Black is a rather gloomy color, but worthNote that he is not deprived of some mystery. Completely black color pick up is not, but some similar elements in your image will only add more style.

Now consider what a woman does not wantTo dress for first sight. It's yellow (irritating, besides, it's too individual and not suitable), gray, as well as brown - it's quite boring colors, suggestive of anguish.

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