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Romantic dinner for a loved one: delicious recipes for Valentine's Day

Ideas for a romantic dinner with a loved one

Let's start with creating a romantic setting forEvenings, because the mood plays no less a role than the dinner itself. Remember, no matter how delicious the festive menu, it will not bring the desired effect, if you yourself will serve dinner in an old dressing gown in the kitchen. Remember that men love the eyes, so this evening all around should bring the beloved aesthetic pleasure. Decorate the room with candles and rose petals, dress the most beautiful dress and turn on the romantic music. Dinner, too, should be beautiful: festive laying, flowers, decorated dishes. Try not to overdo it with romantic things, everything should be in moderation and harmonize with each other.

The menu of a romantic supper for the beloved

As for the menu, it is important to choose lightTasty dishes that just cook. Do not spend 3-4 hours to prepare dinner, because then you do not have any strength for the evening itself. If your culinary skills leave much to be desired, then to avoid the effects of indigestion, order a ready dinner in a good restaurant. But if you are friendly with pots and chefs, then be sure to pamper your loved one with your culinary masterpieces.

It is best to prepare a 3-course dinner: Light salad, main course and dessert. This will be enough to feed the loved one and spend the rest of the evening pleasantly. For the menu, choose recipes from aphrodisiac products that are well absorbed and cheer up. For example, you can make a simple dinner with seafood. First, serve a salad with avocado and shrimp, decorated with herbs, sesame seeds and seasoned with lemon juice. As the main dish, a baked red or white fish with a light sauce is suitable. And for dessert - fruit in chocolate.

Romantic dinner for your beloved husband

If you are already married, then cookA romantic dinner will not be difficult, because you know perfectly well the tastes of her husband. Most men prefer meat, so cook your favorite meat dish. In this case, the salad should be necessarily light. Add in the salad seeds or pine nuts, they are rich in trace elements, useful for men's health. For dessert, you can serve ice cream with fruit, tender mousse of berries or panacotta.

Unusual recipes for a romantic dinner, photo

If you want to surprise your loved one with an unusualRomantic dinner, then try to master the preparation of exotic dishes, for example, from Asian cuisine. Thai cuisine is rich in recipes with unusual taste combinations, which, with their appearance and smell, arouse appetite. We picked up for you interesting video recipes from Thai cuisine, which you can easily cook even at home.

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