/ What to wear in the summer in the office?

What to wear in the summer in the office?

Summer wardrobe of a business woman

Stylish business suit
Of course, the most important thing in the wardrobe remainsBusiness suit. In the summer it is better to refuse business suits of dark colors, and the preference to give to blue, blue, olive, beige, white color. Clothing is better to choose from natural, breathable fabrics, linen, silk, cotton are very suitable. I would like to note that these materials are very easy to crumple, and by evening your appearance will be unacceptable, that's why make sure that in addition to the main tissue, elastin also went.

When choosing a costume, be guided by novelties inWorld of fashion. For example, you can choose a business suit with wide trousers of simple cut. Pay attention to the jacket with a short sleeve or three quarters.

Of course, in summer you can not do without a dress. Remember that according to the dress code it should not be too short. It's better to stop on midi-dresses. Beware of deep decollete, and also remember that shoulders should be covered. All these criteria are perfect for a fashionable dress-case.

Dress-case is positioned not only asA business dress, it is great not only for work in the office, but also for hikes for important events. Choose a dress of muted tones, avoid bright, screaming colors. In fashion, such colors: blue, olive, salad, beige, peach.

For office fashion, the dress with graphic prints and flower blocks is perfect. The length of the dress should be slightly below the knee, the dress should be without excess parts and look laconic.

Office employees put on a blouse practicallydaily. Blouse is perfectly combined with both skirts and pants. Ideal option in the summer will be a one-color silk or chiffon blouse. These blouses are perfectly combined with other elements of the wardrobe and look stylish, but they are not hot either.

As stylists advise to pay attention toShirts in the men's style. This thing is now at the peak of popularity, and earned the love and recognition of many women of fashion. Such a shirt will also perfectly match with any thing from your base wardrobe.

For today, it can not but rejoice in the wide choice of skirts. For office fashion, the following skirt models are best suited: a pencil skirt, a skirt with a small basque, a skirt-year.

The main condition for choosing a skirt is itsLength, it is best to choose a midi-length skirt. In some offices, the length of the skirt is up to the knee, but it should be as strict as possible. Actual for the office skirt should be restrained color, and do not have unnecessary decor elements.

Every woman working in the office must haveIn the wardrobe trousers. In summer it is very hot, and stylists suggest replacing trousers with capris of the same strict style. Capri perfectly perform in tandem with a chiffon blouse and a shirt of a man's cut.

If you are not ready to give up trousers, thennothing wrong. In the trend, wide, loose trousers of simple cut. They will not hamper your movements. You will feel comfortable, and yet you will not be hot. Also for office ideal trousers are banana-bananas.

Pay attention to the light tone of the trousers, all the same summer makes its adjustments to fashion. Choose pants of sand, beige, light green colors.

Often there are cool days in summer, and inMany offices and do constantly operate air conditioners, and if for one person the air temperature is ideal, then the other can feel the coolness. That is why in the summer wardrobe of an office employee must be present shortened cardigan or jacket.

Jackets of pastel colors or classic.

Shoes for the office must be exquisite andBeautiful, but at the same time be sure to make sure that you are comfortable with it. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that shoes should be classic. In summer, you can choose shoes, both high-heeled and on a wedge, but still the second option will be more convenient and practical.

Summer wardrobe should radiate lightness, you should be comfortable in your clothes and not hot, but you must remain a stylish and self-assured woman.
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