/ How long should the dress be?

How long should the dress be?

Dress for women of small size

Are you going to buy a dress? Then stop picking on the mini, but if the legs are very thin, the mini dress should be slightly above the knees. Care must be taken to dresses up to the middle of the roe, as this dress visually shortens the legs. In addition, the low women do not fit very lush skirts.

How long should the dress be in the floor?

Dresses for fat women

Particular attention should be given to the silhouette of the summerDresses. Full women ideally have a trapezoid or A-shaped silhouette. It should be made of lightweight fabric and be as long as the middle of the knee or lower. Do not dress up in very loose dresses.

Fullness of the thighs can hide dresses, in whichLength just below the knees. It should be sewn from a light fabric, do not stick to the feet and have a loose cut. The upper part can be tight, which will emphasize the neck and chest. This dress will allocate a waist.

Fashionable summer trend - maxi dresses

At ceremonial events, these dresses areWelcome guests. It is rare to see a girl dressed in a flowing long dress in ordinary life. And this is incomprehensible. To be sexy, it is not necessary to wear a very short dress.

Summer days are inseparable from airy light dresses. These things have become indispensable in the summer wardrobe. When choosing a unique maxi dress, you need to pay attention to the length - the dress should not be short, it should completely hide your legs, and not end at the heel level. To this, sandals on a flat wedge are also suitable. If you have low growth, you can wear sandals on the platform.

The summer season is rich in different colors, styles and it'sConcerns maxi dresses. This season, the Maxi dresses are fashionable, they appear before us in the brightest shades and colors. It remains to find a style that emphasizes the dignity of the figure and allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of fun and summer.

Straight long dresses

Ideal for the role of evening dresses. The beauties of Hollywood regularly use such dresses on the carpet red carpet and have long appreciated this style. Often brides choose straight long dresses as a wedding dress, when they want to look exquisite.

Evening long straight silhouette dress will suitFor the celebration and will make the silhouette more elegant, slim and elongated. They are sewn from beautiful expensive fabrics - lace, chiffon, brocade, silk, satin and other rich and luxurious fabrics. For finishing pearls, beads, rhinestones, lace and so on will suit.

In the office, it is appropriate to wear a straight medium dressLength. Ideal option will be a closed dress-case, knee-length, discreet shade. It will fit well with jackets and jackets, and look business-like and strict. A straight dress in the image of a business lady brings a touch of sophistication and elegance.

For every day the models of medium length straight short dresses are perfect. They are sewed from different materials.

Straight dresses will suit women of any height. They perfectly sit on a figure of the type "rectangle" and "hourglass" and on women of high growth, and on ladies of small stature, help to lengthen the silhouette. But here to the figure the requirements are more serious. The best direct dresses will look on slim women, Women with large hips, with voluminous shoulders or a round tummy are not recommended to wear such dresses. If there is no clearly defined waist, then you can wear a straight dress with a strap at the waist.

Successfully matched dress is a part of success. The most attractive and charming will be the ability to wear a dress, it will play, and a smile, a shine in the eyes, a flying gait, a proud posture - these are the components by which the dress will make with you a charming and unique image.

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