/ Recipe for Mushrooms

Minced Mushroom Recipe

  • Pork - 500 Grams
  • Beef - 200 Grams
  • Bow - 5 pieces
  • Squash - 1 piece

In fact, in the preparation of minced meat for our mantis, ourThe main task is to make our manties look juicy, because manti are not just big dumplings;) They have a different taste, you need to prepare for mincemeat differently. Every Uzbek knows that the main secret is in the preparation of minced meat. A dumpling is used. So that the dish turned out really tasty, you need to make efforts and prepare the mince for the manties according to this recipe: 1. The secret is the first - we will not turn the meat on the meat grinder, but cut it into small pieces with a knife. To make it easier, meat can be held in the freezer before cutting. We drop everything in one bowl. 2. The next secret is in a lot of onions. Finely shred it, salt, pepper, and mnem hands to isolate the juice. Add to the meat, stir. At this stage, you can also add carrots, basil, greens, or other spices to the mantle - which is enough for fantasy :) 3. And one more secret of the enchanting juiciness of manti is the tavern! We cut it with cubes, but we do not add it to minced meat, but directly to the mantle. Therefore, just before the stucco we put two bowls next to each other - with a cut vegetable marrow and minced meat, and in each of the mantles one by one put minced meat and zucchini. I'm sure if you cook minced meat at home at this recipe, you will realize that real mantas are really a festive dish :) Good luck!

Servings: 4-5

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