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Summer shoes-2013

The trends of this season are comfortable, easyTrue espadrilles, which will look great on any woman's leg. They can be worn along with jeans, light sundresses, playful shorts or flirty skirts. This is a very good option for summer walks, the wakings in such shoes breathe, and the lack of a heel makes this type of summer shoe more universal. On a trip espadrilles will become your indispensable satellite, and the rain can not worsen their appearance.

Also a very popular type of footwear in summer 2013There will be espadrilles on a wedge - today they are worn by many girls, who do not follow fashion in an unflinching way. In general, any shoes on a wedge are both beautiful, fashionable, and comfortable. The wadding is more universal than the heel, so it attracts a lot of young ladies. Such shoes look great on the leg and fit under any style of clothing: "kezhual", sports or classics. When choosing such shoes, you need to pay attention to the color, material, as well as the height of the wedge itself.

Also fashionable this summer remainSandals, especially sandals, gladiators. They look great on the leg, if you choose a white color, then it will perfectly emphasize your tan. High sandals-boots can also be pets in a women's wardrobe. Such shoes fit under dresses, sarafan skirts with a length knee-deep.

Shoes have always been and remain the most beloved of the women'sShoes. Here, the shape of the sock, color, heel height and the material from which the footwear is made are important. They can be worn under any clothes and shoes are always a staple addition to your image and adornment of any female legs. On the summer is better to choose half-open shoes made of natural materials, so that your feet can breathe and do not get tired.

The novelty of last season was the summer boots- This year they again won the attention of women of fashion. This is a good option for the evening image, ankle boots will be appropriate if you wear a dress or trousers. The color range is diverse - from the classic white and maroon in this season scarlet. The choice of shoes in our stores is great, but the prices will be affordable.

Sandals will always remain in fashion, because theyCan be the most diverse not only in color, but also in style and form. Designers every year come up with and create more and more original models of sandals. They can be on a wedge or on a flat sole, on a thin heel or on a square one. You can make a choice yourself in favor of any of the options.

Beauty or convenience?

Summer shoes, of course, should be beautifulYirka, after all, when, if not in the summer, you can please yourself with a variety of flowers and fruits? However, do not forget that convenience is the most important thing in shoes. If you want your legs to go without fatigue around many interesting places, then draw attention to shoes that will, in the first place, be comfortable. All the same, in the summer our feet Get tired even more than in other seasons - this is directly affected by the summer heat, as well as the general condition of the body.

Pay attention to the models,Presented by the leading manufacturers of shoes - they will always be able to please you with their quality. Prices for such shoes, of course, above average, but for a good shoe, it's a pity to give no money. But your legs will be immensely grateful.

What colors are now in vogue?

How many different modelsShoes, so many flowers are now represented in stores and shoe stores. The most popular colors of the season are: emerald, coral, juicy red, deep blue, beige. Always relevant are, of course, black and white. Also obvious demand is enjoyed by combinations of several juicy colors - lime, coral, blue, white. Such footwear is highly universal - it can be dressed for any summer clothes, both bright and sleepy pastel tones.

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