/ How to choose a dress for fat women?

How to choose a dress for fat women?

First of all, I would like to note that when choosing a dress, it is worth remembering 10 taboos, which must be guarded in clothes for the full.
  1. Give up knitted dresses that are large knitted. Also, beware of thick materials - angora, corduroy, mohair.
  2. Beware of flounces, ryusha, sleeves-lanterns, frill.
  3. Monochrome clothes make the figure formless and emphasize all the shortcomings. In clothes for full, there must be an accent.
  4. Jackets and jackets below the hip - clothes are not for you.
  5. If you have full hands, give up sleeveless clothing.
Designers develop a lot of stylesFashionable dresses for the full, which allow women to choose for themselves the most diverse variety of dresses. Correctly selected dresses are able to hide the shortcomings of your figure and at the same time it is beneficial to emphasize all the advantages, and also to make accents exactly in those places where they are needed.

Models of fashion dresses for full girls and women
Owners of chic shapes should not be shy and abandon dresses, because such an element of the wardrobe as a dress is universal and fits all without exception. Here the main thing is to choose the right model.

First, get rid of the main stereotype, fromWhich means that a summer dress for full girls should be free. In fact, the dress-hoodie not only does not hide the flaws of the figure, but, on the contrary, visually makes you even more complete.

Models of summer dresses are very diverse, but the most successful dresses should be moderately fitted and has simple recesses.

When choosing a dress, pay attention to those,Which have an overstated waist. Dresses with an overstated waist successfully hide the full belly, as well as excessively wide hips, while they successfully emphasize the beautiful breasts.

Most often girls with a full figure areHappy owners of a beautiful full breast and this should be used to the fullest. Choose dresses with V-neck, large prints or brooch on the chest.

Great fit full-girls model dresses,Which has a length to the knee, open shoulders and a wide belt. This dress is best for girls with a waist. In this case, the belt will be an excellent accent and will emphasize its beauty.

Excellent dress for evening dressRemains dress-case. It should smoothly adhere to your figure, but do not tighten it. A full girl in such a dress will look stylish and feminine.

An excellent option for full women remainsDress in Empire style, and also in Greek style. Such dresses will flow gently over the figure of the woman, hiding the fullness of the tummy and thighs and emphasizing the beautiful breasts.

Girls with lush forms are very beautiful in maxi and midi dresses, and also models of dresses with a train successfully look. From the mini dresses stylists advise categorically refuse.

Carefully ensure that the selected dress model does not overtighten your hips and legs, otherwise you will look ridiculous.

Choose fabrics for dresses
It is best to choose a dress from jeans, cotton, knitwear or chiffon. Filled with such materials as satin, velvet, silk.

Drawings and prints on a dress are better to choose vertical. They will visually lengthen your figure, and you will be made visually thinner and thinner.

Forget the stereotype, which says,That black slim. Despite the fact that black really makes the figure visually thinner, it does not mean that this is the best option. Summer dresses for full are better to choose in red, mint, lavender, pink, turquoise, beige tones. Let in your wardrobe there will be only one exception - a small black dress, it should be present in the wardrobe of every woman, regardless of her age, shape or status.

If you follow all of the above tips, then you can easily pick up a good dress for yourself and look very attractive at any event.
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