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Recipe Paneer or homemade cheese

Home-made cheese Fresh home-made cheese in HindiCalled paneer, and in the Slavic countries - pressed cottage cheese. No other cheese can match it in terms of universality of use, taste and benefit. The importance of a paneer is difficult to overestimate. This is a real vegetarian cheese, unlike hard varieties, which are made with the use of enzymes of animal origin. Pannir does not melt and lose shape when cooking or frying, it is fresh and natural, it is very tasty, and the simplicity of its preparation will pleasantly surprise you!

  • Milk 1.5 l
  • Lemon 1 pc.
  • Step 1 To make a homemade cheese1.5 liters of milk and 3 tablespoons will be needed. L. Lemon juice. Milk is better to take whole unpasteurized, but if there is none, then it will suit both pasteurized, but necessarily natural.</ P>
  • Step 2 Pour the milk into a saucepan. It should be with a thick bottom, and also large enough that milk, having risen not ran away. Milk put on medium fire.
  • Step 3 While the milk is warming, squeeze out the juice from the lemon and prepare a colander, lining it with two layers of gauze and placing it on a vessel for draining the whey.
  • Step 4 When the milk begins to rise, add toLemon juice. Almost immediately the cheese will separate from the clear whey. Remove the pan from the fire. If the serum is not clear, you need to put the pan back on fire and add a little more lemon juice. You can not keep the paneer for a long time on the stove, otherwise it will turn out to be stiff.
  • Step 5 After complete separation of serum andCottage cheese remove the pan from the fire and throw it back into the cheesecloth. Rinse it under a stream of cold water for half a minute, so that it becomes denser and to remove the lemon juice, which can ruin the taste of the panier.
  • Step 6 If you need a soft cheese, you need to tighten the gauze tighter and squeeze the serum.
  • Step 7 If you need hard cheese to makeCheese cubes or cottage cheese sweets, then you can tie the gauze and put it under the press. The longer the cheese will be under the press, the denser it will turn out. For medium density, leave cheese under the press for 40 minutes.
  • Step 8 Remove the press, get the cheese out of the gauze. Home paneer is ready!
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