/ Recipe Salad with apples and pineapple

Salad with apples and pineapple Recipe

Salad with pineapple Very interesting salad, inWhich organically joined the lobules of apples, celery and pineapple. The taste range of the salad additionally enriches the presence of raisins in it. The salad has a very interesting dressing: mayonnaise (just one tablespoon for the whole salad), flavored with pepper and salt, combines with pineapple syrup. It turns out very interesting and tasty!

  • Apple 250g
  • Pineapple canned 120 g
  • Celery root 100 g
  • Cheese hard 150 g
  • Dark raisins 50 g
  • Mayonnaise 1 tbsp. L.
  • Salt 2 g
  • Black pepper powder 1 g
  • Walnut 10 g
  • Step 1 To prepare the salad we need celery, apples, hard cheese, nuts, raisins, canned pineapple, mayonnaise, canned pineapple syrup, salt, pepper.
  • Step 2 Celery peel and cut into thin strips.
  • Step 3 Cut the cheese into strips.
  • Step 4 Peel the apples, cut into slices and pour 3 tablespoons of syrup from canned pineapple.
  • Step 5 Pineapples cut into strips.
  • Step 6 Put in cheese salad bowl, celery, pineapple, apples, washed raisins, nuts.
  • Step 7 For filling, mix a spoonful of mayonnaise and 3 tablespoons of pineapple syrup, drained from a bowl with apples.
  • Step 8 Season the dressing and pepper.
  • Step 9 Fill the salad.
  • Step 10 Let the salad rest 10 minutes in the refrigerator and serve.
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