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How to choose the color of clothes by color

To begin with, there are four color types: Autumn, spring, winter and summer. Each of them has its own characteristics. Spring-autumn - warm color types, soft chestnut, orange, red colors prevail. Winter-summer - cold, there is a wide range of ash, black and blue colors.

If you are the owner of chestnut, red, honeyHair, goods color-type - autumn. The skin is usually ivory or swarthy, freckles are rarely possible. Eyes green, gray-green, gray with yellow specks, nutty, blue. Stars that have the color of autumn: Mylene Farmer, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts.

Suitable colors: Yellow, warm green, red,Lime, orange, peach, cream, brown, khaki, pistachio, golden, purple, turquoise, closer to green. Remember that the autumn type is the prevalence of the red-orange scale.

Carefully: Burgundy, purple, pink, blue. They are mostly related to the cold range, so not all are suitable.

Not suitable colors: Black, gray, cold red. It is necessary to select colors so that they are not too light.

The most successful is a combination of shades,Located in the same range: khaki with green, brown with light peach. Or, on the contrary, a combination of cardinally opposite colors: green with red, purple with orange.

The girl-spring has a bright appearance. It is characterized by light hair: light brown, wheat, light chestnut or red, but much lighter than the color-type autumn. Clean and warm colors prevail here. The skin tans well, with a light peach glume. Eyes - blue, turquoise. Examples include Drew Barrymore or Leona Lewis.

Suitable colors: All shades of green, ranging from the warm green color of young grass to cold turquoise, brown, caramel, golden-beige, light brown, lilac, coral-red shades.

Carefully: White. It is better to replace it with an ivory color or white with a lilac shade.

Not suitable colors: Black, silver, gray and any heavy color, which will overload the image of the airy spring.

All the colors suitable for such girls are perfectly combined with each other.

For the color-type, the summer is characteristic of malodorous ashHair, light, or almost white. Perhaps even the presence of chestnut or light brown hair, but devoid of warm shine. Eyes gray, gray-blue, gray-green. Leather of cold porcelain shades. Summer Stars: Paris Hilton, Christina Aguillera.

Suitable colors: All shades of blue, starting with the light blue and ending with the color of indigo. Lilac, gray, cold lemon colors, wine shades, turquoise, are closer to blue.

Contraindicated Summer all the warm colors, especially the orange and sunny yellow. Black or too dark colors will seem excessively heavy.

Girls with flower-type winter have, perhaps,The most striking appearance. Suffice it to recall the sultry beauties Megan Fox, Monica Bellucci and Angelina Jolie. Hair dark-chestnut, blue-black. Skin is snow-white, porcelain. Eyes are black, brown, green, blue or bright blue.

This tsvetotipu, unlike others, perfectly suited. Bright white, bright blue, blue, scarlet, ultramarine, fuchsia - these are the most attractive colors for winter.

Do not fit all too light shades and semitones: they are simply lost in the background of a bright winter.

The combination of colors in clothes should also be bright and memorable: red with black, white with blue, fuchsia and ultramarine.

Having determined your color, you are easilyYou can choose colors that perfectly harmonize with your appearance. This will help you to look attractive and feel confident in any situation. The main thing is, do not experiment.

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