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Fashionable boots and what to wear them?

Not every girl decides to wear boots. Many are afraid of taking responsibility. After all, the one who puts on these boots, must match the elegant image. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand which ones to choose are the boots with which to combine them better.

It is important to know what to wear with boots

Like any shoes, boots can make youBeautiful and elegant, passionate or accessible and vulgar. It all depends on what you're going to combine these shoes with. Beautiful boots will immediately attract the attention of passers-by. Nowadays, so many girls wear them in everyday life. And it is very important to choose for yourself suitable.

Ideal jackboots will help a woman createA beautiful image. Your legs will seem longer and slender. And all thanks to the boots above the knees. You will give your new image of elegance and femininity. But the bad boots that have been improperly made will make you vulgar and vulgar.

This shoe does not suit everyone. It is worthwhile to understand that it is not possible to wear them in all cases and not under any clothing. This is a special subject of the wardrobe, which awaits careful study by the hostess. And so, to fail in a difficult situation, a woman should know what to wear boots.

How to choose for yourself boots?

A variety of boots is great. They are wide and narrow, with or without a pattern, multicolored or just black, on a flat sole or napilke. Can be found with lacing or zippers, etc. It's a matter of taste and budget. But how not to get lost among the boots and choose the perfect ones for your legs? Everything is simple.

There is an excellent and simple principle:The more splendid the figure, the narrower the bootlegs must be. Then the figure will appear more feminine and neat. Treads in themselves are an elegant subject. Therefore, do not put them on an incredibly beautiful dress sprint. After all, everyone will pay attention to your shoes, and then there is a dress. It will be too provocative, and if your outfit is rather simple, then your heights should not be boring and usual, let them be adorned with a beautiful sash or thongs.

As for ornaments, it is worthwhile to warn you. Since the boots are self-sufficient in themselves, the ornaments will attract even more attention, and the woman can seem forty from the bazaar. So it's worth to wear something more modest. If a woman is walking in jackboots, then let her be wearing modest decorations: thin chains and neat bracelets, but definitely non-masculine beads or necklaces.

With what to wear fashion boots?

Let's find out for ourselves what to wear withBoots. To begin with, it's worth remembering: it's not worth to dress too short a dress for boots, it may seem that you are a girl of easy virtue and a very accessible victim for those who like to have fun. True, if this is your goal of arrival on the eve, your right.

It is not recommended to wear bootsColor pantyhose or stockings. Bodily color makes your legs visually thicker than nasamom matter. Therefore, it is worth dwelling on dense pantyhose in the tone of boots or to wear tights of bright contrasting color. They will tie your beautiful legs, the tighter these boots will make them slimmer and longer.

Do not wear at the same time with bootsDecollete short dress. It looks, say, not very beautiful. You will look like a "nocturnal". Although at some parties this will be appropriate. Than your dress will already be, so the bootlegs should be already, otherwise the legs will appear more than they really are, and this can not be tolerated.

Treads are worn not only with tunics and dresses,But also sbrjukami-pencils, leggings, narrow jeans. For such clothes high boots with a flat sole will approach. And we forgot about the shorts, because shorts are what they like to wear to young people under high-heel boots. But the shorts should be made of dense fabric, and not too short. If they are in applications and rhinestones, and even short, then the girl will look not the most appropriate way. But again, this kind of party will be quite welcome, but you can not walk along the street in the daytime. A couple of words need to be removed from the outer clothing. You can wear boots with a cloak, coat and trench. And the clothes would look ridiculous.

So where to wear such boots? At work, it is not recommended to wear such shoes, you may not be properly understood. You should, wearing boots, show the whole world that you are not afraid of anything and that you can be desirable and sexy. Therefore, such shoes are safely worn at parties, walks, meetings and holidays. Treads give an opportunity to feel refined, desirable and attractive. You are the most wonderful and beautiful, know this!

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