/ / Recipe Cocktail "White Russian"

Cocktail "White Russian"

  • Ice cubes - 3-4 pieces (large)
  • Vodka - 60 milliliters (high-quality)
  • Milk liqueur with cocoa - 30 milliliters

This cocktail requires old-fashionedLow glasses with a wide bottom. Make sure that the glass is at least 250 grams, otherwise you have nowhere to put the ice, and the drink will be too strong. Liquid products pour into the shaker and shake a little so that the foam does not form. The shape and magnitude of the ice for this cocktail also matters. You need large ice cubes or large pieces of it. A crumb of ice will cool too quickly and dilute the drink, spoiling its taste. Fill the glass with ice, pour the contents of the shaker into it. Insidious drink with a pleasant smell and taste is ready. This is not what the indigenous Russians are accustomed to, but for a civilized party "White Russian" is ideal!

Servings: 1

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