/ Recipe Vitamin Drink Pear of Joy

Recipe Vitamin Drink Pear of Joy

  • Milk - 3/4 Glass
  • Cashew nuts - 60 Grams
  • Pears - 5.5 cups
  • Banana - 1 piece

1. You can choose milk according to your mood, taste or diet, so the taste and benefits of the cocktail will not be affected. 2. Pre-take care of the ingredient that will cool your drink and make it an ideal cocktail for a hot summer day. To do this, wash the pears, remove the hard center, cut the pulp into pieces and freeze it. You can prepare raw materials for several servings of cocktail immediately. 3. Banana must be peeled and cut into random pieces. 4. Fold all the ingredients in a blender and mix the cocktail until it becomes light and homogeneous. 5. Serve immediately in a beautiful transparent glass to enjoy the taste, benefits and light calories of the drink.

Servings: 2

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