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How to decorate the New Year's table in the year of the Horse

What do astrologers say?

A horse is friendly, free and openAn animal, but it is unpredictable, disobedient. She can become a true friend to a person, and maybe even throw off an unpleasant rider at one time. She does not like to listen to outside advice. But it's not hard to please this horse: you just have to remove all glamor and unnatural. This applies to the festive table. It should only be all simple and natural. That's where you put your horse.

Forgotten village comfort

In large cities, freedom-loving horses are no longermeet. They are uncomfortable there, there is no aroma of field grasses and village apples. When preparing for the New Year's Eve, try to decorate the table for a holiday very simply and naturally. So always did our grandmothers.

If the house has an oak massive table, thenKnow that the horse is already interested in the feast. An excellent addition to the table will be a rough linen (cotton) long-forgotten tablecloth, as well as hand-embroidered or knitted towels. Perhaps, these things you have survived since the great-grandmothers.

A symbol of the coming year can be appeasedUncomplicated decorations of the festive meal. But they must be made with their own hands. You can simply attach the figures of a galloping horse to the napkins, make wreaths of straw and attach them to the backs of the chairs. For such care for her, the horse will be very grateful to you.

Symbol of the Year - tree
According to astrologers, we must wait for a horseWooden. After all, it is a symbol of the coming year. Therefore, the table can be decorated with a small herringbone. Replace the Christmas tree can a tree from straw or bonsai. In China, all the figures, stretched up, symbolize the tree. You can place on the table cones stretched napkins, make a hut made of chocolate bars or boxes of chocolates.

I like horses and wooden utensils. Festively painted plates and salad bowls on the table will look at home, preserve the natural warmth. Serving the table should also be supplemented with wooden spoons, woven from the vine with breadcrumbs and fruit bowls, salt shakers.

The color of fidelity - blue
A wooden horse, which is very in a hurry to us,Has a blue color. It is a symbol of loyalty, reason, decency and concentration. How does it fit with the obstinate nature of the horse? Just. Bad taste and chaos on the New Year's table should be absent.

Village snacks should be on par with freshPastries, greens, vegetables and fruits. To finally please this animal, you need to allocate a little space on the table and arrange a simple composition there. Make a stylized hedge of matches, but you can not completely enclose the space. The horse loves freedom! Put small figures of horses, sketch a little hay for the fence. It can be purchased at a pet store.

The heroine of the coming year likes to eat apples. Try to get small apples and decorate them with the composition. And she will not give up a piece of fresh fragrant bread.

The table is covered with a blue clothCertainly. And absolutely all utensils should not be blue. The horse is very smart. And a few blue elements will tell her that you remember about it. It can be a blue vase, drawings on napkins or tablecloths. Blue color is flawlessly combined with some other natural colors: red and brown, white. Do not forget about the traditional festive shades of gold and silver.

Symbol of the year - horseshoe
Horse horseshoe - an indispensable symbol of happiness. On the eve of the year of the Horse, it must necessarily be on the table. And if we put a small horseshoe around each guest's plate, then each of them will be happy in the coming year. On sale there are small chocolate horseshoes. Put these symbolic sweets in a vase of fruit.

A horse will certainly look into your house ifHe will hear the sound of bells. They can be attached to the backs of chairs. They will make a gentle sound when moving chairs. And one big bell should be on the table.

Element of the year - fire
That's why you can not do without candles onFestive table. Fire is afraid only of wild animals, and the domestic horse loves a warm hearth. But she loves water. Place in the vessel with water the lit small candles-tablets, put it on the table. This will achieve harmony.

Make a festive table easy, simple andInspired. Inventing, enjoy the process of your creativity. Hardworking horse will see in you like-minded people and, of course, take care of you throughout the year.

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