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Glasses for a round face

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Characteristics of the round face

Before you pick up your glasses, you need to determine the type of your face. There are several types of faces: square, triangular, rectangular, oval, round, etc.

A round face can be defined by certainParameters: the width and length of the face are almost identical, which makes it possible to visually see an almost perfect circle. The owners of the round face lack clear lines in the area of ​​the cheekbones, and quite often there are apple cheeks. Such persons attract attention to themselves with naivety, but at the same time, bitchiness and sharpness because of clear features. Round faces are often considered very inexpressive. If the lady has round cheeks, they just hide behind the beauty of the almond-shaped eyes and sensual mouth. That's what the owners of such a person do not like, and they want to become more feminine and hard-headed with the help of glasses, as well as correct make-up.

How to choose the right glasses

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To correctly choose glasses for the round face, you must follow a number of rules.

The form

When choosing glasses, you need to remember that for the round face, the upper bound of the glasses should be the same shape as the eyebrows.

For this type of person categorically can not get round-shaped glasses - this will only aggravate your situation and make your face even rounder. For the same reason, you can not use the "drop" frame.

When choosing glasses for a round shape, you needContrast, but, nevertheless, it is strictly forbidden to use sharp contrast. That is, you can not acquire frames bright, too massive or dark. It is better to choose frames of a rectangular shape. They will make a soft contrast, give the style and rigor to the person. You can see the frame with pointed edges at the temples, as well as with high-lying bow.

The round shape of the face is perfect for glasses with a rim of elongated shape.

If you have a round face, but its width is not too large, you can see a version of the glasses with the "butterfly" frame. Such glasses favorably emphasize the eyes, stretch the face and add femininity.


The color of the frame should be calm and devoid ofAggressiveness of shades. For example, you can choose brown shades, which will look very harmonious on blondes and brown-haired women. You can also buy a silvery metal frame. But at the same time this frame should not shine and contain some elements of the decor - it is very effective.

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If you choose your sunglasses, thenChoose those that are wide at the temples. Thanks to this cunning, the wide cheekbones will not be so noticeable. Also worth paying attention to these, glasses that will help to narrow and stretch your face. For example, unisex glasses are ideal for such a face shape. Most sunglasses are additionally decorated, but in your version the decor is unacceptable even in such glasses.

If we talk about the color of lenses in sunscreensGlasses, then there is absolutely no need to think - you can safely experiment with color. Do not look only at glasses with dark lenses. You can pay attention to glasses with lenses of any color, inserted in a bright frame.

For the round face, sunglasses with dark glasses in plastic frame are ideal.

There are a lot of points on the market today. Take a closer look, measure it, experiment with the forms and you will definitely choose exactly what will be to your face. Follow our rules, and the right choice will not keep you waiting long.

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