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Broccoli recipe in a double boiler


I believe that broccoli is best to cookIt is in the steamer - so it retains a beautiful color and all the useful substances. And if you do not have a steamer in the kitchen, be sure to buy it, a useful piece. So, I tell you how to cook broccoli in a steamer: 1. My broccoli, we disassemble on the inflorescences and, if possible, dry it as much as possible. 2. We put it on the upper level of the steamer and set the mode suitable for us. Typically, the steamer draws all the products and indicates the cooking time. If you do not have such instructions - turn on the steamer for 8-10 minutes. This time is approximate. Determine the availability of cabbage is easy - if the knife easily enters the pulp - everything is ready. Broccoli, cooked in a double boiler, is served to the table immediately, if you cooked it for a garnish. If you cook broccoli in a double boiler for a salad - then cool and add. Good luck!

Servings: 2

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