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Evening dresses by Oksana Mucha

Oksana Mukha and her evening dresses

Already for more than ten years under the ardentThe leadership of the famous designer in the field of evening dresses Oksana Mucha is the reality of selling the most exclusive dresses. Each evening dress of Oksana Mucha is created with great love, for in all models the designer puts his whole soul in the full sense of the word. Each dress differs significantly from the imported, because in them, according to the design idea, there is an unrivaled decor from the complex patterns of beads, Italian glass, Japanese glass beads, plus hand embroideries with threads and pawns.

Another feature of evening outfits from the FlyIs not only all possible variety of models, but also the versatility of each dress, which ideally sits on any figure. As we said at the beginning, any dress from Oksana Mukha is made from high-quality European fabrics, which undergo preliminary careful selection. Most often in the dress of the dress, such fabrics as natural silk, taffeta, satin, crystal, jacquard, crepe-satin, brocade and organza are used.

Features of collections of evening dresses from Oksana Mucha

All collections of evening dresses of the famousLviv fashion designer Oksana Mucha - nothing more than a boundless flight of fantasy. First and foremost, in every evening dress the designer makes a huge accent on femininity and aesthetics. In the collections there are dresses that are designed for young girls that they want to have not only a feminine look, but also to emphasize their originality and coquetry. The fashion designer was not just created evening dresses, which belonged to the category pret-a-porter. Any dress from this collection is exclusive and does not look like one another. In this collection you can find both pleated and corrugated fabrics, as well as very successfully inscribing drapes, satin and crepe-satin. The designer approach to dresses is full of creativity and beauty. All corsets of dresses are decorated, as a rule, with embroidery from beads, and skirts - with excellent decorative colors that are made in hand. Huge use of fashionable draperies, picks, protectors, as well as pleated and corrugated fabrics is very popular.

From year to year Oksana Mukha's evening dressesAre an integral part of its new and unique collections. Each collection includes more than 30 models. The brightest fashion trends found their reflection in the designer's collection. The most actual, according to Oksana, in the coming season will be dresses that have the silhouette of "Empire" with chaotic and rhythmized draperies, sleeves in the style of "buff", draped with rhinestones.

Decor evening dresses Oksana Mucha

All possible variants of bows are basicDominant elements of the decor. A fantasy, classic, romantic style deserves a lot of attention. The designer gives a huge role to manual decorations, for example, embroidery. Such decor can be found in every new collection of the designer. Also do not forget about Swarovski crystals and Italian glass, which are adorned on many models.

And finally I want to note that the quality andThe originality of Oksana Mukha's dresses were reflected more than once in world exhibitions, which are held every year in the Paris fashion capital. And this is an indisputable fact, because Oksana Mukha presents her outfits so clear and open, embodying the brightest ideas in them and enlightening them to people who have good taste and undeniably understand fashion.

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