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Home made cheese recipe

  • Unsterilized milk - 3 liters
  • Seasoned or yogurt - 0,5 Liters

1. Carefully wash the pan and pour the milk into it, warm it up a little (to 40 degrees), then add the curdled milk or yogurt, mix it. We leave the clock for 8-12 hay with the lid on. You should get a lot of thick milk. 2. Put a saucepan of fermented milk on a water bath. On a small heat, heat to a boil, to a minimum reduce the heat and prepare for 15-20 minutes. We make sure that the milk does not boil. Fire turn off and leave to cool. 3. Put a colander on the pot, spread the waffle towel or gauze, and throw back the contents of the saucepan. We mix the mass several times (there must be a uniform consistency). The whey drains in two hours. 4. The edges of the gauze tie, and hang the resulting pouch over the sink, for about 30 minutes all the liquid drains out. A little moisture should remain in the curd. 5. Cottage cheese is ready. Bon Appetit!

Servings: 8

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