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How to distinguish a brand from a counterfeit in clothes

But not everything is as simple as it seems. Sometimes, buying a branded thing, we experience joy and are willing to spend a large amount of money hoping to get a high-quality product from a worldwide manufacturer (which has an excellent reputation). Also what turns out? We are trying again to shove a fake! But then how to distinguish a brand from a fake in clothes?

Some famous brands are doing their bestTry to protect their products as much as possible from counterfeits, therefore they constantly improve product protection by introducing different innovations, for example, a hologram and other means of protection. However, high quality products are the main protection, because not everyone can repeat production of fake clothes, of course, there are exceptions.

To manufacturers of original footwear and clothesConstantly have to sue with the firms producing counterfeit clothing, but some manufacturers instead of Burberry write Burbery, then to prove their case is much more difficult. Therefore, when buying clothes, be careful and if Abidas is written (and so on), then do not buy this thing, for sure a fake. Today everything is faked from clothes to accessories and toilet water.

Most fake comes from China, Indonesia,Turkey and other countries of Eastern Europe and East Asia. However, this does not mean at all that the country directly points to a fake, because the majority of producers transfer their production there because of low taxes and cheap labor. All this in the end result makes the production of shoes and clothes cheaper.

In Russia, about 30 percent of branded clothing is fake (according to the Department for Combating Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Economic Security).

Is it possible to distinguish a brand from a fake? To understand this, several tips will help, and if you follow them, you can easily distinguish a fake from the original.

Where to buy branded clothes

In all major cities there is a largeThe number of specialized branded stores that sell products exclusively of a specific brand. In such stores, the probability of buying a low-quality forgery is reduced to zero, because of this, the reputation of the store may suffer.

Today, online auctions have gained popularity,But it's impossible to buy branded things there, but it's quite possible to stumble on a base forgery. Exceptions are only sites of specific firms, which have information about sales, the availability of stores in the city where you live. On the same sites you can buy branded products online.

It is worth paying attention to the cost

The price of some branded bags can cost about5000-7000 dollars. If a similar bag costs less than 2-3 times, then you run the risk of spending $ 2,000 per copy. To buy branded things and at the same time to save, of course, you can, for this you only need to monitor sales. Usually well-known brands of sales are arranged at the end of the season and discounts sometimes reach 80 percent. This is the only way to save money without losing quality.

Carefully inspect the thing

Inspect carefully selected itemIt is recommended, even if you buy a thing in a fashionable boutique. If you find uneven stitches, sticking threads, crawling loops, cracks on the surface of the skin should lead you to the idea that in your hands a fake is possible.

Pay attention to the label, manufacturersBranded things do not save on them, so there you will find a piece of skin, advice on care, a few spare buttons. Cheap fakes in clothes do not have detailed instructions and are provided with standard labels on which everything is written in broken Russian or in general an incomprehensible description.

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