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Children's shoes on the first steps

Which shoes are best for a small child?

In young children, the leg is formed and neededChoose shoes for him that would not interfere with this process. To measure the child a leg every two months, so that the shoes bought earlier did not become tight. Shoes for the child should be made from natural fabrics with cotton lining and preferably on leather soles. Shoes with leather soles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The sole can be made of polyvinyl chloride, a material with high wear resistance. The heel in the shoe must be high and stiff, and the toe closed so that the toe's foot is well fixed. To reduce the risk of formation in crumbs of flatfoot, a supinator is necessary. This is a thickening on the sole, located in the middle. In addition to all this, shoes for the first steps should be as stable as possible, because the kid is only learning the technique of walking.

Autumn and winter shoes for baby

Autumn shoes for the child should be inside notStrongly insulated. The baby's leg should warm up, but do not sweat. From the inside it must be leather, on the outside it can be made of artificial leather. To be able to dry the insole, it should not be glued to the sole. The sole should have a supinator. Insulated footwear, which is used at temperatures up to -5 degrees, should be from the inside of artificial or natural nap. When choosing shoes, you need to take into account that it was slightly larger in size, so that you could put on a socks, and also that the leg is less frozen.

Winter shoes should also be slightly larger thanSize of the foot, with fur from the inside. Too much shoes can not be worn, as this will make it difficult for the baby to walk. It should be borne in mind that the fur inside is still settling. Also, the sole should be stable for the baby and not too slippery. If the footwear for the winter is not leather, then the fur from the inside should be natural, so as to keep the heat as long as possible. The insole must be removed to dry.

It should be noted that the sole can be made ofDifferent materials. It is necessary to know that the sole of the poulerite approaches to a temperature of 15 degrees with a minus sign. If the temperature in the street is lower than -15 degrees, then this sole loses its elasticity and can break. For winter children's shoes, the thermo-elastomer sole is suitable. In shoes on the rubber sole, the legs of the baby will freeze. For children, parents often buy duffle boots for their first steps. But such boots consist of artificial materials well suited for slush, but not for winter, since they can be worn only to -10 degrees, otherwise the legs of the baby will freeze. So that the shoes do not slip, you need to pay attention to the pattern on the sole. Less shoes will slide if the patterns on the heel and toe are "looking" in different directions. This is very important for the first steps of the child, because stability always gives confidence.

What should be summer shoes for the baby

Slippers for home should be with naturalLining. The sole is better to choose from PVC, so the rubber soled shoes are heavier and not very comfortable. Sandals for the baby is better to choose with a leather insole, it prevents slipping the legs. Shoes for the summer are better to choose with holes, but such that the fingers and heel were fixed. This is to give stability to the child. If the leg is not fixed, the baby will be uncomfortable walking. The load of the body will not be distributed correctly, and this is unacceptable in the case when the baby has just started walking. The presence of a supinator should be mandatory. Children should not be worn after another child. Each child has its own features of the foot, with the repeated wearing of the shoe, the legs are formed on the different footwear.

How to try on baby's shoes

Shoes for the child can not be bought too much. The ideal option is one centimeter more than the leg. Large shoes will rub the foot, also the weight load distributed will be incorrect on the feet. Be sure to check the inside of the shoes for seams, gaps. This should not be. Try on shoes only standing, but not sitting, as the legs become wider when a person is standing. Also it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the evening the baby has a little more legs, so try on shoes better in the daytime.

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