/ / Women's sports fashion 2015. Actual trends in women's fashion sports 2015, photo.

Women's sportswear 2015. Actual trends in women's fashion sports 2015, photo.

Fashionable women's sportswear 2015

Tracksuits from a two-layer plashevki alreadyLong ago in the past. They were replaced by stylish and comfortable things for sports, which are practical and relevant. In particular, fashionable in 2015 will be sports suits made of cotton, velvet, knitwear. In addition, a fashionable 2015 sports suit does not need to consist of the usual pants and sweaters. For example, very stylish and modern look kits of leggings and hoodies.

By the way, in 2015 among the most fashionable sportsModels will be just leggings. They are ideal for use in sports facilities, as well as for running on the street. This year, designers preferred bright prints and juicy colors for this sportswear. Therefore, you can not limit yourself to boring black and gray leggings and boldly buy unusual leggings with a "gay" coloring. Actual will be both long models, and leggings with a length of 3/4.

If you do not like tights, then chooseSports trousers. Particular attention should be paid to models with an elastic band on the ankle. Such pants will be tight on the leg and not climb up during exercise. Slender and fit girls for sports can safely choose shorts. This year, there will be relevant both short fitting models and wide shorts.

Topical in 2015 will be two-layerT-shirts. Fashionable will be sports shirts of contrasting shades, excellent motivating. In the trend and T-shirts with prints, images of animals and just inscriptions. All these color trends will be characteristic for sports shirts and tops.

Do not forget about the cozy sports hoodie andSwiss shots. They are simply irreplaceable for playing sports on the street. By the way, you can wear them not only on the sports ground, because they are perfect for everyday life.

Fashionable women's sports shoes 2015

As for sports shoes, the leaders in 2015There will be sneakers. Actual will be as models with catchy prints and bright laces of unimaginable colors, and more familiar to us monophonic sneakers. Keds are also in trend. True, they are increasingly becoming fashionable casual shoes. The hit of 2015 will be sports shoes of bright colors - pink, red, yellow, orange and violet, as well as models with three-dimensional drawing and color prints.

Do not leave the designers without attention and form shoesfor Sport. In 2015, continue the fashion trend for futuristic and unusual models of sneakers and sneakers. Especially often, designers experimented with the shape of the sole, giving it an unusual appearance that did not appear on the practicality and comfort of the shoes themselves.

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