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Fruit in the jelly recipe

  • Jelly from apples ready - 500 Grams
  • Pears - 1 piece
  • Oranges - 1 piece
  • Tangerines - 2 pieces
  • Kiwi fruit - 2 pieces
  • Whipped cream - 50 Grams

All the fruits you have prepared (oranges,Tangerines, pears), wash, carefully peel off the skin and cut into small square slices. Take a shape about 10-12 centimeters high, lay all over the perimeter with fruit, and then pour over the prepared apple jelly and put in the refrigerator until completely hardened. Before serving dessert, place it on a tray or dish, for a few seconds putting the form in hot water, so that the jelly lags behind the walls, and turn over. Decorate with whipped cream and kiwi slices.

Servings: 4

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