/ / Recipe Beet salad with prunes and walnuts

Recipe Beetroot salad with prunes and walnuts

  • Beet Fresh - 700 Grams
  • Prunes - 8 pieces
  • Walnuts (chopped) - 3 Art. Spoons
  • Bulb - 1 piece
  • Mayonnaise - 2-3 Art. Spoons
  • Salt - - To taste

Prepare ingredients: The amount of prunes and walnuts can be varied to your liking, and you can use a mixture of mayonnaise with sour cream, and not just mayonnaise, if you like it more. Beet boil until cooked and cool to room temperature. Prunes for 10 minutes filled with boiling water, so that it became softer. In the meantime, the beet needs to be grinded. Finely chop the onion and add to the beet. Prunes cut - not too finely, about four pieces each. Add prunes to beets and onions. Walnut must be chopped (not too finely). Walnut is also added to the salad. Stirring. It remains to salt the salad and dress it with mayonnaise (or a mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream). Done!

Servings: 3-4

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