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Risotto Recipe with Bacon and Apples

Italian Risotto risotto with bacon and apples- a dish that is traditionally cooked in the Dolomites of Italy - Trentino and Alto Adige. These territories historically are the producers of the best apples in Europe, and the fat was inherited from the Austrians, ruling there until the First World War. This unusual risotto combines the taste of fresh apples and a little salted smoked bacon. Its creamy consistency and combination of tastes will not leave anyone indifferent. Bon Appetit!

  • Round-grain rice 150 g
  • Olive oil 20 ml
  • Butter 20 g
  • Parmesan cheese 20 g
  • Broth of vegetable 500 ml
  • Black pepper powder 1 g
  • Salt 2 g
  • Lard 100g
  • Apple 2 pcs.
  • Onions 1 pc.
  • White dry wine 50 ml
  • Step 1 To prepare the risotto you will need: Rice carnaroli or arborio, golden apples, fat, parmesan cheese, butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, broth cube or vegetable broth, onion and white dry wine (optional).
  • Step 2 Cut the onion finely and fry until it is clear in a small amount of olive oil.
  • Step 3 Add the rice and fry for a few minutes to make the grains almost transparent.
  • Step 4 Add the white dry wine and simmer until it evaporates.
  • Step 5 Next add the vegetable broth (you canCook it from a cube - in this case, watch the salt level in the dish, or take advantage of a fresh option). The level of broth should cover the rice. Stirring from time to time, stew in an open frying pan over a small fire.
  • Step 6 In the meantime, peel the apples, and cut into small cubes.
  • Step 7 Do the same with the fat.
  • Step 8 When the rice is half ready, add the sliced ​​apples. Stew for 10 minutes, constantly maintaining the level of fluid.
  • Step 9 Finally, add the fat and stew for a few more minutes until the apples are soft.
  • Step 10 Add the grated Parmesan cheese and a littleButter to emphasize the creamy consistency of the risotto. Stir well and leave for a few minutes with the fire off. Before serving the risotto pepper to taste.
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