/ How to learn to see the future on your own at home? How can you learn to see your future?

How to learn to see the future on your own at home? How can you learn to see your future?

Like any self-study, developmentExtrasensory abilities, including the ability to see the future requires attention, concentration and full return. You need to train daily and perform specific exercises. In addition, try to organize your time so that during training you no one interfered.

The first steps of a young psychic

At first you will have to learn to feel yourselfToday, yesterday and tomorrow. At the level of emotions, you must understand that this or that event belongs to a particular period of time. To do this, try to remember in the slightest detail yesterday. Start over. Remember your morning: what time did you wake up, what did the household do at that time, what did you see outside the window, in what order did you make coffee? Details are important - smells, tastes, sensations.

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It is important that you catch the feeling of yesterday. To do this, you need to compare yourself with him today. That is, to do the same procedure, only to remember the events that happened to you today.

If everything works out, try to introduce yourselfYesterday and send him information about his future. In fact, you have to introduce yourself into the state in which you lived yesterday. In the same mood. If you can feel it, the first step is made. Do this exercise regularly until you can easily enter the state you need.

Looking to the future

Once you have learned to distinguish what it was, andThen there is something, you can try to look into the future. The first time you are guaranteed nothing will work, well, except that you hid a huge potential, which was just waiting for the right time to develop. But do not give up, because everything has its time.

  • Sit back and close your eyes. It is desirable that the room was not too bright light, as it will be difficult to concentrate.
  • Before you open a black canvas, complete darkness, which will later turn into a picture.

  • In order for everything to work out, try to concentrate as much as possible on this darkness. Feel it, try mentally touching, sniffing at her.
  • After a while, it will begin to move apart, and you will not be able to understand where its beginning is, or where it ends. At this point, mentally put your question. It is very important that it is as specific as possible.
  • Concentrate on your question and peer into the darkness. Do not strain your eyes too much, otherwise, relax and let the energy move freely.
  • If everything went well, in the dark you will see outlines, images that will form in the picture-hint.

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At first glance, everything seems simple, but the skillsWill come only with experience. In the future you will have to learn how to interpret the images. For this it is necessary to be attentive to your present, to seek hints and clues. Watch your feelings, learn to control your thoughts and concentrate, then you will succeed.

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