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Recipe for Sturgeon on the grill

  • Sturgeon - 1 piece (1 kg)
  • White Wine - 100 Milliliters
  • Lemon - 2-3 pieces
  • Fresh cilantro - 1 piece (bundle)
  • Salt, pepper, condiments - - To taste
  • Bow - 4 pieces

The recipe for cooking sturgeon on the grillUgliness is simple. The only difficulty arises if you have an entire undivided fish. Then I advise you to ask for help with a special recipe that tells you how to properly cut the sturgeon. Well, and we have a recipe for sturgeon on the grill: 1. Prepare pieces of fish - it is best to cut into medium-sized strata across the fibers. Then thoroughly rinse under running water from mucus and dry with a paper towel. 2. Preparing the marinade. First, cut the onions into thin semicircles or straws, peel the lemons from the peel and rub it on the grater, chop the finely chopped cilantro and add it all to a comfortable, deep enough dish. Then squeeze out the juice of lemons, add salt, pepper, spices and pour 100 ml of white wine. We mix everything thoroughly. 3. We put the harvested pieces of fish into a bowl with marinade. We leave the sturgeon marinated for about an hour. 4. Preparing the brazier, sturgeon stitch on the skewers. Fish fry on charcoal for no more than 25 minutes. Sturgeon is best served with vegetables, pickles and white wine. I wish you bon appetit!

Servings: 4-5

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