/ Recipe: Soup puree from sorrel

Recipe Soup puree from sorrel

  • Sorrel - 200 Grams
  • Water - 1 Liter
  • Potatoes - 3 pieces
  • Bow - 1 piece
  • Sour cream - 100 Grams
  • Cheese hard - 100 Grams

Sorrel is a vegetable, accessible to everyone. You can either assemble it (it grows very abundantly) itself, or buy in the market for pennies. And the benefits in it - more than the stars in the night sky. Perhaps, sorrel is the best vegetable in the price / utility ratio. However, eating it without anything is difficult - sour it, you do not eat much. One of my favorite recipes is the recipe for soup-puree from sorrel. It is prepared incredibly simply and from the ingredients that are always in the kitchen. And it turns out - and a delicious, and very useful thick soup. I even like children :) How to make soup-puree from sorrel: 1. We will begin our work with the preparation of ingredients. Potatoes and onions, clean and cut into medium cubes. Fry them for about five minutes on any vegetable oil in a frying pan with salt and seasonings. 2. And in parallel we put on the fire a liter pot, and as soon as the onion in the frying pan is browned - we throw the entire contents of the frying pan into the water, together with the oil. We cook until the potatoes are ready. 3. In the meantime, wash and shred our sorrel, slightly priming his hands. When the potatoes are cooked, we taste the broth to taste, add salt, if necessary, and pour our sorrel. 4. Stir and bring to a boil. 5. Once the soup boils, pour the entire contents of the pan into the blender bowl and grind it (if your blender with hot substances does not work - first cool the soup to room temperature). 6. Return the soup-mashed potatoes, add sour cream, mix and bring to a boil. 7. Actually, the soup is ready. Hard cheese I cut into small cubes and add to the plates with soup, but this is optional. Done! Bon Appetit!

Servings: 3

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