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Recipe Jelly from red currant

  • Red currant - 3,5 Kilogram
  • Sugar - 2 Kilogram

We wash our red currant well,We throw it into the colander. We take heat-resistant dishes, we load all the currants there, cover it with a lid and send it to the preheated oven for 10 minutes. It is necessary that the berries a little softened, because a little later we need to squeeze out the juice from them. With the help of a juicer squeeze juice from softened berries. If the juicer is not at hand - you can simply grind it through a sieve. Press carefully to prevent the flesh from seeping. By the way, from the pulp you can then cook a wonderful compote. Pour the juice we squeezed into a saucepan. There we add all the sugar. We put on a slow fire and cook until the sugar dissolves completely. It takes literally 5 minutes. To boil it is not necessary - just boil over low heat to allow sugar to dissolve. You will get such a very thick jelly, as in the photo. Do not let cool, immediately dispense on clean jars. 10 minutes you need to wait, and then you can close the banks with caps. We close it and send it for an hour or two to a cool dry place. If in a hurry - you can put in the refrigerator (but still not hot, otherwise the refrigerator spoil). Actually, we are ready - we get the jelly from the jars, lay out on portions, and enjoy :)

Servings: 10-12

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