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Recipe Marmalade with red currant

Home-made marmalade Marmalade is boiled fromFruit and berry puree, and necessarily use fruits and berries, rich in astringent - pectin. The highest gelling properties are gooseberries, currants, quinces, plums, apricots, apples, etc. Sometimes, when there is a lack of pectin in fruits and berries, food gelatin is used. Marmalade boil more strongly than when cooking jam, and check for the spreading of a drop on a saucer. The boiling process ends when the frozen drop retains its shape well. Correctly brewed marmalade freezes to a solid state. For marmalade cooking, not only mature fruits are used, but also ripe, slightly rumpled, but not spoiled. If raw materials with a low content of pectin are used for marmalade cooking, then 200-250 g of puree from well gelling fruits and berries or 1.5-2 cups of apple juice rich in pectin are added to 1 kg of basic puree.

  • Red currant 1000 g
  • Sugar 550g
  • Step 1 To prepare marmalade you need to take red currant berries and sugar.
  • Step 2 Ripe berries carefully remove from brushes, remove the damaged and crumpled, put in a colander and wash.
  • Step 3 Prepared berries put in a pan, add a small amount of water and steam under the lid until softened, and then wipe through a sieve.
  • Step 4 Puree with sugar.
  • Step 5 Cook the mixture with constant stirring until the weight of the marmalade becomes 1 kg. Finished product is expanded into small jars and cork.
  • Step 6 Hot marmalade can be poured into silicone molds or simply on a dish, let it freeze, and then cut into pieces, roll in sugar and serve for tea.
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