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Recipe Stuffed Fusion Eggs

  • Eggs - 5 pieces
  • Coconut milk - 3 items. Spoons
  • Red curry paste - 1 teaspoon
  • Soy sauce - 1 st. a spoon
  • Lemon juice - 2 items. Spoons
  • Tiger shrimps - 10 pieces
  • Cilantro - To taste (for decoration)

1. Boil the eggs. Take care that they do not break, because you will need whole eggs. Cool and clean them. Gently cut the eggs in half along and take out the yolks. Put the squirrels on a separate flat plate. 2. For filling in a bowl, mix coconut milk, soy sauce and one st.lozhku lemon juice. Stir all the liquid well. 3. Add the red curry paste to the dressing and mix again. 4. Now put egg yolks into this mass and rub it well to get a homogeneous mass. Halves of egg whites should be stuffed with the dressing. Shrimp, if you have fresh, throw for a couple of minutes in boiling water and clean. In a separate bowl, sprinkle them with the remaining lemon juice, gently mix and lay each shrimp on the egg. It remains to decorate with cilantro and you can serve this dish on the table. Serve these stuffed eggs with hot sauce to emphasize the Thai flavor.

Servings: 5-7

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