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Recipe Apples in a microwave oven

  • Apples - 3 pieces
  • Sugar - 3 Teaspoons (can be replaced with honey)
  • Berries - 2-3 teaspoons

The great advantage of this dish is that itPrepares quickly. We all know the classic recipe for baking apples, but that you can also cook apples in a microwave - very few people guess. But it's so simple! I'll tell you how to cook apples in a microwave oven, and you can pamper your loved ones with a delicious dessert. So, how to cook apples in a microwave: 1. My apples and carefully cut out the middle with the stem. We are careful not to pierce the apple! 2. Pour sugar into the hole in a teaspoon. We add berries on top. 3. We put in the microwave at full power (I have 900 watts) and prepare 3-4 minutes. 4. And now a little cool and saturated with a delicious and useful apple! If desired, you can sprinkle with nuts, sprinkle with syrup from jam or melted chocolate. Sweet-toothers will be very happy! :)

Servings: 3

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