/ Recipe Pie with cherry jam

Recipe Pie with cherry jam

  • Cherry jam (pitted) - 450 Grams
  • Water - 2 items. Spoons
  • Flour - 500 Grams
  • Butter - 200 Grams
  • Sugar - 250 Grams
  • Sol - 1 Pinch
  • Baking powder for dough - 2 st. Spoons
  • Eggs - 3 pieces
  • Vanillin - 10 Grams
  • Milk - 100 Milliliters
  • Wine vinegar - 10 milliliters

1. We take a saucepan, put cherry jam there, add water and half of sugar. About 10 minutes cook on low heat to make the berries a little softened. Remove from the fire, cool. 2. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Form the baking grease with butter and sprinkle a little flour (just a little bit). 3. We take a mixer, put in a bowl of a mixer butter, half of sugar and a pinch of salt. About 3 minutes whisk to a single consistency. Then add 3 yolks to the mass, again whisk until smooth. Add vanillin and again whisk thoroughly. 4. In another bowl, mix the flour, baking powder and a little salt. Pour the milk into this mixture and mix it well. The resulting dough is mixed with a mixture of butter and yolks from the third point. 5. Take another saucepan, mix 3 egg whites with wine vinegar. We mix it to such a state that the proteins become a homogeneous white liquid, but not to the foam state. About a third of the whipped proteins are added to the dough, mixed, and voila-our dough is ready. 6. It remains to shift the dough into a baking dish, top with a small layer of cherry jam and sprinkle it with sugar. Bake for 45-50 minutes until the pie turns into a characteristic golden color. The easiest way to check the readiness of a pie with a match or toothpick - if it easily comes out of the pie, then the cake is ready, and if the dough sticks to it - then we bake on. Bon appetite! :)

Servings: 6

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