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Recipe Pancakes with red fish

  • Flour - 120 Grams
  • Sol - 1 Pinch
  • Sugar - 1 teaspoon
  • Milk - 400 Milliliters
  • Eggs - 2 pieces
  • Butter - 60 Grams
  • Red salted fish - 400 Grams
  • Cream cheese - 100 Grams (for example, Philadelphia)
  • Green - - To taste

In a large bowl we sift the flour, there tooAdd salt and sugar. We mix it well. Milk in small portions, mix. Add eggs and butter, stir again until smooth. No lumps in the test should not remain. From the resultant test in a simple way, bake pancakes - first on one side ... ... then on the other. Pancakes should turn out soft, elastic and gentle. Then cut the red fish into long slices about 0.5 cm thick. Finely chop the washed greens. We take a pancake, we spread a little cream cheese on it. We spread almost on the center, slightly closer to any edge. We put a slice of fish into a cream cheese. Sprinkle the whole thing with greens. Fold the pancake, cut in half. Each half is cut into two or three pieces, so that the pancake rolls turn out to be original. However, with the feed you can experiment :) Serve until the pancakes have cooled.

Servings: 6-7

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