/ Recipe Salad "New Year's Clock"

Recipe Salad "New Year's Clock"

  • Chicken fillet - 300 grams
  • Eggs - 5 pieces
  • Prunes - 150 Grams
  • Walnut nuts - 100 Grams
  • Cheese - 100 Grams
  • Mayonnaise - 100 Milliliters
  • Salt - - To taste

First of all, let's cook the chicken fillet. Cook so - put in cold water, bring to a boil and cook for another 20 minutes after boiling on medium heat without a lid. Cut the fillet into small cubes. Similarly finely chop prunes. Nuts are crushed with a blender. Eggs are hard boiled. Separate the proteins from the yolks. We rub the proteins on a fine grater. Yolks similarly rub on a fine grater. We then rub the cheese on a small grater. We begin to form our salad directly. We take a salad bowl (with a diameter somewhere about 20-25 cm), put chopped chicken fillets on the bottom. Lubricate the chicken fillet with a layer of mayonnaise, then spread the grated yolks and again add a thin layer of mayonnaise. We lay prunes on the yolks. Prunes, for fastening the salad, also lightly greased with mayonnaise. Next we have a layer of cheese. By tradition, it is also greased with mayonnaise. Next - a layer of chopped walnuts, put a thin layer of mayonnaise on the nuts. And, finally, the last layer of our salad is a layer of grated proteins. He does not need to be lubricated from above. It remains only to bring beauty - to make the dial itself. Ingredients for the dial in the recipe do not indicate, because you can make the dial from anything - thin pieces of salmon, boiled carrots, crab sticks and much, much more. Salad needs a couple of hours to stand in the fridge to grab, and then you can put it on the festive table. Bon Appetit!

Servings: 8-9

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