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Rice Condiment Pudding Recipe

  • Round grain rice - 100 Grams
  • Milk - 600 Milliliters
  • Cream - 250 Milliliters
  • Sugar - 30-60 Grams
  • Vanilla sugar - - To taste
  • Peaches canned - 300 Grams

Someone likes rice as a side dish to savoryDishes, and here I adore rice in desserts. Actually, therefore rice pudding is one of my branded and most favorite desserts. Rice pudding is considered a traditional English dessert, and there are a lot of varieties of it. I tell you how to cook Conde rice pudding - one of the varieties of English pudding. Recipe for rice pudding: 1. Put rice and vanilla (or vanilla sugar) in a pan and fill it with milk. We put the saucepan on a strong fire, bring to a boil. Do not forget to stir - otherwise the milk will run away. 2. When the milk boils - immediately reduce the fire to a minimum, cover the pan with a lid and cook for 40 minutes. It is very important to mix rice at least once every 3-4 minutes, especially in the late stage of cooking. Otherwise your rice will burn, and the pudding will be spoiled. 3. Add the sugar to the cooked rice until it is ready. A pod of vanilla, if used, is thrown away. Stirring. Actually, the base for rice pudding is ready. Now leave the rice to cool to room temperature. 4. Whisk cream whisk until soft peaks. In the cooled rice with a spatula, we add whipped cream. Accurately stir. We must have a beautiful air mass. 5. Canned peaches are cut into small cubes. Take beautiful glasses and lay out layers of rice pudding and fruit. We serve warmly. Bon Appetit! :)

Servings: 4

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