/ / Recipe Shish kebab from pork classic

Shish kebab from pork classic

  • Pork - 2 Kilograms
  • Onion - 1 Kilogram
  • Salt - To taste
  • Pepper red ground - To taste
  • Pepper fragrant ground - To taste
  • Mineral water - 0,7 Liters

Pork (preferably zhirnenkuyu, you can loin,That in each portion was a bone) washed, dried with a towel, we remove the film and veins, cut into pieces. Size - the case is arbitrary, but, by itself, the smaller the cut, the faster it will be fried. But it's easier to burn such a "small-caliber" shish kebab, and in the juiciness it will lose - so decide for yourself. Onions are cleaned, cut into half rings or rings, and then we squeeze our hands well enough to give juice. You can pass a piece of onions through a meat grinder, but then before laying on the coals onion slurry from each piece will have to be removed. So I just carefully knead the chopped onions. We lay meat and onions in layers in a saucepan (this is optional, but it is then mixed evenly). Add salt, spices. Fill the contents of the pan with water - ideally, the meat should be slightly covered with marinade. Stirring. We put under oppression (a 3-liter tank with water is suitable, but it is also possible to adapt another container) and clean it in the cold. At least 3-5 hours later we take out the saucepan, mix meat and onions, leave in warm. After half an hour we string meat on the skewers, if desired, alternate pieces of pork with onion rings. Fry on charcoal, watering with water and vinegar. We serve with pickled onion, flat cakes, fresh vegetables and favorite shish kebab sauce!

Servings: 7-8

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