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Cocktail Cocoa with Ice Cream Recipe

Milk cocktail This milk shakeWith a chocolate flavor and ice cream - a good end to a dinner meal! Serve it immediately after cooking, so that the cocktail does not have time to heat up, you can offer it a cookie or a biscuit pie. Cacao can be prepared in advance, then the preparation of the cocktail itself will take just seconds! Children just adore him!

  • Milk 750 ml
  • Sugar 1.5 tbsp. L.
  • Cocoa powder 1.5 tbsp. L.
  • Ice cream chocolate 100 g
  • Step 1 To prepare a cocktail "Cocoa with ice cream" we will need milk, cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate ice cream.
  • Step 2 Boil the milk.
  • Step 3 Add sugar and cocoa powder, stirring continuously with a whisk so that no lumps form.
  • Step 4 Give the milk with sugar and cocoa powder to boil and remove from heat. We set aside the saucepan with the ready-made drink, let the cocoa completely cool down.
  • Step 5 When the cocoa completely cools down, pour it into the blender bowl, add a lightly melted ice cream.
  • Step 6 Whisk at high speed for a few seconds.
  • Step 7 Immediately pour into cups, sprinkle with cocoa powder and serve a cocktail to the table.
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