/ / Recipe Vitamin drink from raspberry and lime

Vitamin drink from raspberry and lime

  • Milk - 1/2 cup
  • Crimson sorbet - 1 glass
  • Lime - 2 Art. Spoons
  • Blueberries - 1/4 Glass

1. Even if you are preparing this drink in the bilberry season, do not forget to place a glass or other berries in the refrigerator in advance - in this cocktail they are used not only as an ingredient, but also as a cooling component. 2. Today it is not difficult to find natural crimson sherbet in large supermarkets. If you live in a small town, then you can prepare it yourself by loading into the ice cream for 40 minutes puree from 1 part of sugar, 2 parts of milk, 4 parts of raspberries and a tablespoon of lemon juice. 3. If you do not have lime concentrate, you can replace it with freshly squeezed juice with pulp of 2 large limes. 4. Put all ingredients in the blender's container, close the lid tightly and whip the mass until it is saturated with oxygen and becomes homogeneous. 5. Without delay, pour out the vitamin drink over the glasses and drink it along with the people dear to you.

Servings: 2

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