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Recipe for Sour Beets

  • Beets - To taste
  • Water - 1 Liter
  • Salt - 30 Grams

In ancient times, beet was used only as aToday, it is an indispensable vegetable on our table. Beets came to Europe from the East, and in Russia appeared around the 10th century. Already in the 16th century borscht from beetroot became a popular dish among the Russian people, and chopped beets were served to the table to stimulate appetite. Quail beetroot can be served on garnish, add to salads, vinaigrettes or used as a snack. Brine, which is formed during souring, can be used for cooking borsch. To sour beets, take only healthy root crops without damage, dark red or burgundy color, medium or small size. The best grades are the Egyptian and Bordeaux. A light beet with white veins and rings is considered unfit. Preparation: Remove the beet, clean well, rinse and put into a barrel or jar. Pour brine from water and salt so that it covers beetroot no less than 10-15 cm. Cover with a wooden mug, put the load on top and put it in a warm place for fermentation. After 2 weeks, the sour beet will be ready. During this time, it is necessary to constantly remove brine and mold from the surface of the brine. When the beet is ready, it will turn pale and very soft. The brine will become dark-burgundy and will turn sour-sweet, with a slight salty taste.

Servings: 4

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